Milena V. – ovarian tumour

As my disease began to be treated relatively late, I was forced to arrange a lot of my examinations myself at first. The last one revealed that I had an ovarian tumour. The treatment only started last year. From October to December 2020, I had three chemotherapy sessions. I was told the tumours would grow smaller but then a stoma was required because, as I wrote, “my intestines fused together”. Two laparoscopies followed, as well as an extensive surgery since the doctors believed they’d be able to take the tumour out. They weren’t. Cue more chemotherapy sessions. After chemotherapy number 4 I’m supposed to go for a body scan to see if it all worked. I’ve made great changes to my diet—I eat lots of fruit, vegetables (boiled), and love homemade soups, broths, and vegetable soups. Every day I also drink a glass of beetroot juice, sea buckthorn juice, water, and teas prepared from herbs I pick myself. Furthermore, I take vitamin C and D and eat one egg daily. I almost never feel tired now and have slowly gone back to gardening which is my great love. Every year I’m planting lots of bell peppers and tomatoes; I thought this was all over but so far so good. I like to cook every day. I’ve never been one for doing much sport, with the exception of riding my bike and hiking.

I also like needlework and have picked it up again. Since Easter is coming, I’m making wire eggs; I’m glad I find it fun again as nothing gave me pleasure after my surgery. I believe your food supplement’s one of the things which helped me since I now sleep better, don’t become stressed, and am able to live with my disease. Going to the doctor is pretty complicated right about now—my husband has to drive me to my chemotherapy sessions at the hospital, and the stoma restricts my movements. I have to bear in mind that if I want to go somewhere I need to have the stoma emptied first. Hopefully everything will get better and I’ll be able to travel again once this shocking period of our lives comes to an end—restricted, but still. I’m looking forward to driving to the forest on my own or visiting my daughter again.

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