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Does Penoxal really help? Or is it just a “placebo”?

Hello, Penoxal is really not just a placebo. Its active ingredient Biocol enhances the immune system significantly as confirmed by many research studies and experiences of our clients, which are available at our website (https://www.penoxal.com/cancer-patient-experience/). Best wishes.

Marie Howie


Dear doctor, I would like to ask whether Penoxal can be used along with chemotherapy for stomach carcinoma. Thank you. 

Dear Marie, Yes, Penoxal is recommended to complement cancer treatments, including the chemotherapy for stomach cancer. Best wishes.



Hello, is Penoxal OK to use for leaky gut?

Dear Jenny, 
Penoxal regulates the digestive system function, so its use is suitable even in the leaky gut. Best wishes. 



Hello, I would like to ask something, I am currently having problems with endometriosis – my left ovary affected by the endometrial cyst was removed, I am 27, have no children yet – trying to conceive via IVF (this is my first problem with endometriosis, in the past I only had polycystic ovaries).  My query is: even after the operation I have had bad results CA125 and increased CRP, there are more cysts forming on my other ovary – it is functional so far, so I wanted to try Penoxal, but I am not sure if it is ok during pregnancy. Should we opt for another embryo transfer if possible? I do not know if Penoxal can be used during pregnancy, or before the transfer. Thank you.

Dear Monica,
Penoxal has not been tested in pregnant women; however, you may use it until your pregnancy is confirmed. Even one month of using Penoxal can have beneficial effects on your health and your immunity when fighting endometriosis. Using Penoxal prior to transfer should not be a problem. Best wishes.



Hello, for several years my son who is 6 and a half has had problems, he is starting school in September, but he has had recurrent constipation and bowel incontinence, his diet is varied and high on fibre, he drinks, eats no sweets, drinks kefir and fruit juices, he has no allergy to gluten or lactose, his condition is getting worse rather than better, ultrasound screening is fine, I would like to make an appointment at a gastroenterology dept. for defecography, but not sure where to go or what the next steps should be.

Dear Lota, 
You should ask at your local hospital at a paediatric gastroenterology clinic or paediatric surgical clinic. A colon examination should be done, and regarding his age preferably X-ray – irrigoscopy. An organic colon impairment should be ruled out, particularly Hirschsprung’s disease. If it is ruled out, the diet should be altered to promote a regular bowel movement. Kind regards.

Veronica Forman


Dear doctor, I have a query regarding my mum – 80 years old. After she was diagnosed breast cancer (Z510), she had her breast and nodes in the armpit removed. She also underwent radiotherapy lasting 1 month. Would this product help her? If yes, in what dosage in her case? Thank you very much for your response.

Dear Veronica,
Penoxal is an appropriate food supplement particularly for cancers. By boosting the immune system you can alleviate many side effects of chemotherapy and promote the treatment and the overall regeneration. Immunity should be enhanced at any stage, including your mum’s case. The recommended daily dose is 3-4x50mg or 2x100mg for three months. Kind regards.  

Jodie Biggin


Hello, In the spring my husband and my son (10) had a disease caused by chlamydia in the lungs (14 days on ABX). However, they are both a bit under the weather, have fatigue, are prone to other infections (diarrhoea, son had fever too). I know that chlamydia can survive in the body in a latent form and with time it can eventually cause a severe illness. I would like to know whether it is ok to use Penoxal for after-treatment and to boost immunity. Ten years ago, my husband also suffered papillary thyroid carcinoma and he has had regular health checks since (on Letrox), so I think this is why his immunity is reduced. Thank you      

Dear Mrs. Biggin, if the body struggles to eliminate chlamydia or other viruses, this is possibly due to a very weak immunity. By boosting the immune system the problem can be solved. Penoxal is thus appropriate in your case. It interferes with no medications, because it is natural and this is its advantage. Best wishes. 



Hello, is this product effective for type 2 diabetes? I inject insulin and I was switched to other drugs, but those had some severe negative effects.

Dear Marie,
Penoxal has the same effects in type 2 diabetes as in a healthy person. Because it is a natural food supplement, you may use it in this case too. Kind regards.



Hello, a question regarding my husband, born in 1949, CA prostate T3b N1, 2/2016, skeletal metastases, PSA 905, 3/2016, chemo initiated, 2 doses so far, biphosphonate and eligard administered. Now painful sores in his mouth. Is Penoxal suitable and in what dosage?

In your husband’s case Penoxal should be used 4x50mg daily or 2x100mg daily. By boosting his immunity the treatment side effects should be alleviated and healthy cells formed, they engulf cancer cells. Best wishes.

Jamie P. 


Hello there, I would like to know whether Penoxal can help for my diagnosis of endometrial polyp. I refuse to go for an operation. Thanks very much. 

Yes, Penoxal is suitable in your diagnosis. By enhancing the immune system the body can naturally regenerate itself. Best wishes.



I have had a skin melanoma removed from the top of my head. I have some suspicion that the melanoma was positive; doctors recommended a follow-up at an oncology dept. Can I use Penoxal during recuperation and how? Thank you.

Yes, you can use Penoxal during recuperation, as a form of prevention or during therapy, in doses of 2x50mg or 1x100mg daily as prevention, or double the dose when a disease is present. Best wishes.

Hanna Diesl


Hello, I would like to know whether this product is suitable for me. For many years I have had atrophic gastritis with achlorhydria, multiple polyps and histology-confirmed metaplasia in the samples collected. Thank you for your answer. 

Dear Hanna,

Penoxal can be used for atrophic gastritis, but regular endoscopy reviews are necessary. If polyps are also present in the area of atrophic gastritis, they must be regularly examined by histology. Relatively often a carcinoid appears in the area of atrophic gastritis, which is a benign neoplasm of neuroendocrine cells of the stomach lining. This finding should be monitored closely. 



I suspect mastocytosis, but the blood count is not entirely conclusive. Would Penoxal help? If yes, what dosage and how long for? Thanks for your answer.

Penoxal is suitable for skin conditions that may be caused by the immune disorder. The dosage depends on the stage of the disease, the lowest recommended is 2x50mg or 1x100mg daily, the highest is 4x50mg or 2x100mg daily. The treatment should last for at least three months, then discontinue for a month, so the body learns to function without any help, and then re-start as required. Best wishes.



Hello, I have had leukaemia for 12 years and been on chemotherapy, since last year I have had low back pain descending to hips, sometimes the pain goes to thighs and down to ankles, I feel very tired, sometimes I have no energy to cook or tidy the house, I also have this tremor in my legs which makes me stumble sometimes.. I will be very happy if I am able to manage the housework or to go for a walk.   

The type of leukaemia is not clear from your query, but given its long-term duration I guess it is chronic lymphatic leukaemia. Such a long-lasting disease is associated with the symptoms you describe. In your case I would recommend taking Penoxal in a dose of 2x1 capsules for 4 months. If you feel a relief, you may discontinue for a month and then re-start again. In this way you can re-apply the treatment for a long period of time. Kind regards.  



Hello, I am one year after breast cancer recovery T2N0M0, trip.neg., radical mastectomy, I have taken Penoxal for two months now and in terms of my mental well-being I feel very happy with Penoxal, my question is if Penoxal can be used during pregnancy, so far all my tests have been good, because I am 35 and have no children I would like to get pregnant in about a year, thank you for your answer.

As this product has not been tested in pregnant women, I would be extremely careful. However, I see no problem in taking it until your pregnancy gets confirmed, then I would discontinue, or consult this with your gynaecologist/obstetrician. Best wishes.



In July 2013 a tumour was removed from my urinary bladder – papillo Ca, histology non-verified. Since then I have had no relapse. I also have some minor problems with the colon – diverticulosis, a small polyp, gastric reflux disease, and glyc. tolerance disorder. The problems are minor. There is a family history of prostate Ca – my brother. My question is as follows – would Penoxal be suitable for me? In the past I occasionally took beta-glucans – Pleuramax. I am not treated at an oncology. Thank you.

Dear Jacob,
Given the papilloma finding in your bladder (papillo Ca would have to be histology-verified) and the colon polyps, Penoxal is suitable to use as a form of prevention from cancer. Both examples can be characterised as precancerous stages and require continuous endoscopy follow-ups (urinary bladder as well as the colon). 

Joanna Vainar


Hello. This week my husband was diagnosed a central tumour of his right lung and a compression on superior vena cava and the pulmonary artery with a bilateral lymphadenopathy of mediastinum. We are expecting further assessments. Could my husband start taking Penoxal now? Thank you very much for your answer.  

Dear Joanna,
Your husband can use Penoxal now in the recommended dose of 2x100mg or 4x50mg capsules daily. Penoxal can be taken along with the therapy. It is an important body boost, so it can defend from adverse cells while also promoting healthy cells. Best wishes.

Betty Limber


Hello, I had an ablation of breast and a removal of axillary nodes in 2009 – duct and lobular finding. Then relapses since 2015. 3x operations on lymph nodes, now after another operation, chemo tbl Navelbine and Capecitabine. Is Penoxal suitable, and in what dosage? Thanks

Dear Mrs Limber 
Penoxal is appropriate in your case; I would recommend 2x100mg capsules for 3 months. The following treatment should consider your present condition. You can discontinue for 1-2 months, but it is no problem to use the product on a long-term basis throughout your therapy. Best wishes.



Hello, 2 years ago I underwent cervical conisation due to L-SIL and H-SIL finding, from biopsy: delineated 1st to 2nd grade (CIN I-II) squamous epithelial dysplasia. In 2 years that followed the cervical smear tests were negative. A month ago the follow-up found a sporadic L-SIL. I would like to know whether PENOXAL is suitable for me, in what dosage and how long for. Are there any other preventative steps appropriate in my case? Thank you.  

Dear Lucy,
Your message is about dysplasia of Low Grade Squamous Intraepithelial Lesion /L-SIL/. There are changes to the mucosa that may gradually progress to High Grade Squamous Intraepithelial Lesion /H-SIL/ and then to cancer. These changes are happening relatively slowly, over years rather than weeks or months. Anyhow, these changes must be reviewed, the time period is determined in the dispensary program which your doctor knows well.
I would recommend taking 3 capsules of Penoxal daily for 2 months, then discontinue for a month and re-start. 

Joseph S.


Hello, I was diagnosed prostate carcinoma with metastases. I had an operation (removal of testicles) on 30.3.2015. I am currently on BINABIC, I have glaucoma. Can PENOXAL be recommended? Thanks for your answer.

Dear Joseph,
Penoxal is suitable in your case; the recommended dose is 2x100mg capsules daily. Due to your generalised disease described above I would take the product on a long-term basis. Kind regards.

Mickey Leys


My immune system is weak, I suffer from frequent flu and colds and bronchitis. What would you recommend and why?

Dear Mickey,
A weak immune system can be the cause of your health problems, so it needs some boost. In your case Penoxal can be used in a daily dose of 2x50mg or 1x100mg for the minimum of two months, ideally for three. Of course, you should keep your lifestyle healthy and avoid burdening your body with antibiotics. Best wishes.

Lenna Wakelin


Hello, my father was hospitalised last year in November in the hospital with pleural effusion, after a fine needle aspiration and CT a malignant tumour was found in the right lung, and the left lung has a metastasis. We were told our father has lived with this for over 6 years and he cannot have chemo or radiotherapy due to his heart weakness. I would like to know whether my father can use Penoxal. Thank you.

Dear Lenna,
As your father cannot undergo the conventional cancer treatment, I would recommend this product in a dose of 2x100mg daily. It may be used along with any therapy, definitely try it. Best wishes.



Last year I was diagnosed a malignant prostate cancer, initial PSA 53. I started natural therapy (fasting, raw vegetarian food and trust in God). I refused the conventional radiotherapy; after a hormone therapy and a natural diet the PSA levels dropped to 0.05. Symptoms disappeared, and after a MRI scan I was recommended proton radiotherapy. Since January I have undergone 21 irradiations with proton, which is less radical than the conventional radiotherapy, then some problems appeared affecting pelvis (inflammations of rectum and urethra), they are typical for this type of therapy. I managed the problems with cannabis suppositories. They were effective. Do you recommend Penoxal as a subsequent treatment? What is the link between Penoxal and glucan when promoting immunity?  

Each type of radiotherapy may lead to radiation-induced colitis or rectal inflammation. An endoscopy assessment of rectum and the sigmoid colon called sigmoidoscopy is recommended, including the examination of mucosa. If impairment is found, then mesalazin/Salofalk, Asacol, Pentasa are usually considered. Simultaneously, Penoxal can be used, but rather than impacting on side effects of radiotherapy I would expect it to affect the disease itself – prostate Ca. Best wishes.



Hello, I have chronic lymphocytic leukaemia of B-cells, dg. C911. I have completed chemotherapy. Is Penoxal suitable? Thank you. 

No information about a negative effect of Penoxal exist regarding chronic lymphocytic leukemia, but as the product acts on the immune system, particularly B-cells, I would recommend consulting a haematologist to check for any negative effects regarding the disease. Kind regards.



Hello, I have a question on whether Penoxal can be used as prevention and to boost immunity, and from what age, even though I have no health problems. Thank you.

Dear Peter, Penoxal is suitable as a form of prevention, because nowadays our immune system is affected by many risk factors; we are more susceptible to many diseases. Boosting the immunity should be a common part of our healthy lifestyle, even more so if a disease strikes. 1-2 50mg tablets should be used daily as prevention. Penoxal is suitable for children and we recommend it to children aged 3 years and above. Best wishes.   

Stella Knapp


Dear doctor, 2 weeks ago my thyroid was removed after a histology finding – follicular type of papillary carcinoma. I am supposed to undergo radioiodine therapy in a month. I would like to ask you for advice, whether Penoxal is suitable and in what dosage. Currently, I take medications for hypertension and acid reflux. Thank you for any information

Dear Mrs Knapp,
You can use Penoxal, the recommended dose is 2x100mg capsules a day. This product can be used along with the radioiodine therapy. Your usual medications do not interfere with the product. Best wishes.

Jane  Tyler


Hello, in June 2015 I underwent an operation for breast carcinoma. No metastases were found, radiotherapy followed. Since then I have been on Anastrozol Mylan 1 mg (1x daily). Would Penoxal be suitable? Is it necessary to consult this with my oncologist? He is not very inclined to any food supplements. Thank you for your answer.

Penoxal is suitable for you. As a result of irradiation the immune system is weak and it needs boosting. Penoxal can help to improve your immunity and to provide prevention. It is not necessary to consult it with your oncologist, Penoxal is a natural product and almost anyone can use it. Best wishes.



Hello. Can you please explain the differences in food supplements? Three years ago I was operated for ovarian cancer with metastases in the pelvis. After 1 and a half years the disease returned, a spleen carcinoma which was operated. Metastases were also present. After both operations I received 6 cycles of chemotherapy (of 8), but they had to be terminated due to a high platelet count. Since the first operation I have had problems with swelling in the lower limbs. I am on wobenzym, B17 APRICARC with apricot oil (containing even oyster mushroom and reishi) and sea buckthorn fruits and selenium. I also take Graviola extra PM and dandelion root tea. I was even recommended chlorella and green barley. I am aware that taking too many things at once is unnecessary. In what way is Penoxal different? Thank you for your answer.    

Dear Janey,
The food supplement Penoxal has a different composition, apart from the added vitamin C and beta-glucan with beneficial effects on the body, it contains Biocol extracted from microscopic fungi, a natural microorganism. Biocol has very precious bioactive substances that have a unique ability to act on the immune system. Penoxal is a natural product, and it interferes with no other complementary products. Best wishes. 



Hello, I am thinking about boosting my immunity. I have a congenital disorder of blood-formation – thrombophilia – and I use Warfarin. I cannot take Wobenzym, but what about Penoxal? The medical studies mention GESAVIT not Penoxal. Thank you.

I would suggest you contact your GP who could prescribe a safer Pradax apart from Warfarin. The current use of Warfarin and Penoxal could not be effective. Warfarin reduces the number of platelets, whereas Biocol produces them. Pradax works differently. 



Dear doctor, in January this year my 80-year-old mother was diagnosed a carcinoma in the lower part of her left lung; no treatment has been offered or recommended. Another healthcare facility stated that the patient needed to be consulted further. Can she take Penoxal and in what dosage? Thank you for your answer and kind regards. 

Dear Olivia,
At this age the curative treatment is risky, and given the uncertainty of outcomes and treatment demands it is understandable that your mother has not been offered any therapy. In this case a shortening rather than prolonging life might be expected. Treatment with Penoxal is possible, and the recommended dose is 2x100mg capsules. Best wishes.



Hello, I am on two tablets of Penoxal daily and I started having haemorrhoids, severe colds and cough, so I am not sure whether this is due to the product. Moreover, tests have shown allergy to Penicillin. I use the product primarily for uterine fibroids. Thanks for your answer

Dear Margaret,
I don’t think the use of Penoxal is directly linked to your problems with haemorrhoids. Also the signs of upper respiratory tract infection were not caused by Penoxal, it is the infection which this product was unable to prevent. As for allergies to penicillin, I have no information about the cross-reaction of Penoxal to this antibiotic. If it was an allergic reaction, I would expect the signs such as skin rash and itching. Given the problems you list I would stop using Penoxal and wait to see how your condition develops. Best wishes.



Hello, I was given Penoxal 50mg 120 capsules for uterine fibroids by my daughter for Christmas. I would like to know how often I should use it. Thank you. 

We recommend at least 2 capsules daily for 2 months. Best wishes

Anonymous user


Hello. Could you give me advice? I had flu and problems with urination (burning, protein, erythrocytes). It is OK now. My PSA is 4.2, index 6. Should I go for a fine needle aspiration of the prostate? I was told it could be prostate carcinoma. Can Penoxal help? Thanks in advance for your answer. 

Hello there,
If prostate cancer is suspected, the biopsy must be performed. If it is ruled out, a further follow-up at a urologist’s is necessary, including regular samplings for PSA and prostate US. Even in the case of benign prostate hypertrophy, it is recommended to use Penoxal preventatively. If prostate cancer is diagnosed, the conventional therapy should be followed – surgery and the adjunct cancer therapy, or hormone therapy. Penoxal can be used as a complementary treatment for prostate hyperplasia.



Hello, I would like to know whether it is OK to use Penoxal? I am awaiting results of cervical cytology (4 months ago they were bad) and I would like to help to improve it somehow. Occasionally, I have pain in the lower abdomen, bloating and low back pain. Can I ask my gynaecologist for an ultrasound assessment to see if all is OK or should I contact my GP? I attend preventative health checks at a gynaecologist’s twice a year, but ultrasound has never been offered, I fear of cancer, my mum when she was my age had hysterectomy for uterine fibroids. Thanks in advance.

Dear Marcia,
Your query doesn’t say how bad the results are. There are several stages between a normal result and a bad result (if considering cancer), and they are called dysplasia. Those are precancerous changes that need to be monitored (similarly to colon polyps). These dysplastic changes vary – mild dysplasia, moderate or severe. Anyhow, those changes may progress to cervical tumour, and in line with dysplastic changes health checks are necessary in given intervals. These changes to the cervix develop relatively slowly, for years rather than months or weeks. In this case, regular ultrasound examinations are not necessary, but cervical smear tests are. If these changes reach severe dysplasia, they need to be removed, usually via a surgical procedure called cervical conisation. It is safe and nowadays available as a one-day surgery. 

Anyhow, Penoxal is suitable, because due to its effects that boost the immune system and promote apoptosis (targeted cell death), in dysplastic cells we can expect a deceleration of dysplastic changes. The recommended dose is 3 capsules daily. Best wishes.

Mrs. Deverell


Hello. My father (63) was diagnosed a rectal tumour. His doctor said it was positioned low down (4cm). He is awaiting radiotherapy on 2nd July. So far we have had no information about the stage of cancer, he is having an X-ray next week. I would like to know – is it possible that 2 months before his diagnosis the X-ray of lungs, liver, heart, colon and kidneys showed no metastases even if they were there? He was told everywhere that all is fine, and suddenly such a blow and cancer. We have ordered Penoxal already, it should arrive by tomorrow. I believe it will help my father. Thanks for your answer.

Dear Mrs Deverell,
It is unclear from your message why he had the assessment of liver, colon and kidneys done, but possibly it was not the X-ray but rather an ultrasound assessment. Rectal tumour in this case may not be diagnosed, as the US assessment is not appropriate for examination of the rectum. Colonoscopy is more appropriate here. 

Mrs. Turnham


Hello, my husband is 55 and had a colonoscopy in April which detected a tumour in his colon. He was operated, the tumour was 6 cm and they also removed 30 cm of his bowel. On 20th June he had his first chemo and is awaiting further 7. He was given some drugs to take every 12 hours, 4 tablets daily (Xeloda 500 mg). I would like to know if I can order Penoxal for my husband, so he feels less sick. He tolerated the first chemo well, so far he has had no complications. The only problem is constipation. He thinks it is due to the pills he is on. What is your advice? Thank you.  

Dear Mrs Turnham,
Of course you can order Penoxal for your husband, he should not feel sick after taking it. The concomitant chemotherapy and Penoxal is more than suitable. The recommended dose is 2x2 capsules daily. In this case Inhibol promotes anticancer effects of the conventional treatment.

Constipation after the colon surgery is common. If it gets worse, a follow-up assessment of the colon is necessary to see if the closure of anastomosis is fine (connecting the bowel after resection). Then a dilatation would have to be done (extension) to the anastomosis – a balloon endoscopy or if possible via surgery. If the constipation changes, I would avoid rushing for another endoscopy assessment, it is usually performed within a year after the operation.

Terry Francis


Hello, I would like to ask for your advice and opinion. My wife (50) had a uterine tumour removed. They removed her uterus, ovaries and two lymph nodes. The tumour was in the uterus only, not metastasising. My wife has suffered chronic bronchitis since childhood, a severe cold and cough. She was recommended radiotherapy. Can you please tell us if Penoxal is suitable for my wife? I would like to know your opinion on the recommended radiotherapy. Here is the discharge report from the hospital: “histol.: medium, sometimes poorly differentiated cribriform, in other sections well-ordered endometroid adenocarcinoma. The tumour affecting over half of the endometrial width, parametrial invasion clearly not involved. pT1b N0 MX, lung X-ray, abdominal sono, cytoscopy neg. We recommend ad KOC – radiotherapy”. Thank you very much for your answer.   

Dear Terry,
In your wife’s case the so called adjuvant therapy – radiotherapy is suitable despite the negative finding in lymph nodes. The finding described including TNM classification is very promising and the prognosis good. Despite this, radiotherapy will be appropriate to prevent potential micro-metastases that may appear (or not), it is more of a “safety precaution”. So Penoxal is suitable in a dose of 2x2 capsules daily, at least throughout radiotherapy. If the product is tolerated well (I believe it will), your wife can use it on a long-term basis as prevention in a dose of 2x1 capsules. Kind regards.