About the Biocol

Biocol is a unique, patented, natural substance acquired from a complex biotechnological procedure and followed by standardisation in compliance with the most stringent hygienic and technological standards. It is a product of metabolism of the Talaromyces purpurogenus microorganism.

About the Biocol active substance

Talaromyces purpurogenus is a strain of genetically unmodified microscopic fungi, a natural microorganism which was discovered on the soil of the Ararat plain in Armenia during a screen testing in 1972.

A long-term collaboration of scientists from medicine and biochemistry enabled to discover some unique microorganism characteristics. Its ability to produce red pigments and its original dynamics of biosynthesis and bioactivity was very different from other microorganisms being known until then. The more significant fact, however, is the final product of manufacture – the Biocol active substance which contains really precious bioactive agents that excel in their ability to positively influence the immune system. Further research and findings on this specific microorganism have revealed its potential to influence and inhibit cancerous growth.

We are a proud manufacturer of natural microorganism products

We focus on the production and sale of PENOXAL dietary supplements. Our products are completely free of preservatives, artificial colors and have no side effects. They contain the active substance Biocol, which was discovered already in 1972.


History of the active substance


Discovery of a microorganism Talaromyces purpurogenus


Patenting the microorganism in the USSR


Research and breeding of the microorganism and new strain cultivation


Identification of Biocol (Public Health Office in Prague) Expert opinion on the active substance in the form of a dietary supplement (NIPH) and launch of the first sales Introducing the product Biocol under the same trade name


Patenting the microorganism in over 130 countries worldwide Toxicology studies (Research Institute for Pharmacy and Biochemistry Prague, RNDr. Jiri Marhan)


Research and launch of the biotechnological manufacture in Unichov


First studies to testanticancer effects of the active substance (RCD s.r.o, RNDr. Pavla Pouchkova, CSc.)


Second study to testanticancer effects of the active substance on human carcinoma (RCDs.r.o., RNDr. Pavla Pouchkova, CSc.) Determination of the active substance bioactive properties (The Czech Academy of Sciences, Department of Immunology and Photobiology, MUDr. Petr Shima Approval of the dietary supplement Biocol by the Ministry of Health, Ref. No. OVZ-350.1.8.0526664/2


Introducing Biocol under a brand name of Gesavit® – 10mg and 50mg with beta-glucan,to the Czech market


Introducing Biocol under a brand name of Penoxal – 50mg with beta-glucan, tothe international markets


Gesavit® clinical studies at University Hospital in Pilsen (Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Doc. MUDr. Zdenek Rokyta, CSc.)


Penoxal clinical studies in 115 patients at the National Centre of Oncology in Yerevan


Gesavit® clinical studies at the Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics in Prerov Hospital Gesavit® clinical studies at the Oncology Department in Vsetín Hospital


Marketing strategy planning for the Czech Republic and abroad Rebranding the Biocol containing products to Penoxal Purchase of the Gesavit® trademark and end of sales of the products under this name Launching sales of Penoxal products

Important milestones

1972 – Discovery of Talaromyces purpurogenus

Active substance Biocol has been developed from the microorganism called Talaromyces purpurogenus, which is a genetically modified strain of microscopic fungi discovered in 1972 in Armenia’s Ararat plain. As part of the following research onthe mechanism of biosynthesis in order to gain an active industrial strain, a selection of suitable strains during direct biosynthesis regulation and activation of enzymatic systems were performed. Throughout the entire research, no mutagenic substances were used that would cause a genetic modification of the microorganism.

1996 – The substance was identified by the Hygiene Station of the capital city of Prague

For the purposes of pharmaceutical use, this microorganism comes from a complex biotechnological modification which allows Biocol in the form of red powder to be applicable and safe to health. In 1996 the substance was identified by the Public Health Office in Prague, and the National Institute of Public Health elaborated expert opinions on the usage of Biocol in dietary supplements. Thus the first marketing activities began in the Czech Republic.

1998 – Microorganism was added to the Czech Collection of Microorganisms (CCM) in Brno

In 1998 the microorganism was added to the Czech Collection of Microorganisms (CCM) in Brno. Then Biocol was patented worldwide and the toxicological studies on its health safety were conducted in the Research Institute for Pharmacy and Biochemistryin Prague. The studies confirmed that even the highest dose (2000 mg per kg) was not associated with any signs of toxicity or changes in behaviour of the animals tested. The hepatotoxic (liver toxicity) and nephrotoxic (kidney toxicity) undesirable effects were also ruled out, and no organ changes or changes to the genetic material (in chromosomes) were found.

2003 – Biocol substance had been tested for anticancer effects, and itsimpact on organism due to the content of bioactive substance

Since 2003 the Biocol substance had been tested for anticancer effects, and itsimpact on organism due to the content of bioactive substance. The testing was performed for colon and breast carcinoma, melanoma, leukaemia and Lewis lung carcinoma. The studies demonstrated that Biocol significantly slowed down the growth of carcinoma and partially increased the number of white blood cells involved in the immune response. The best results were achieved particularly in the colon and mammary gland cancers where Biocol which showed to prolong life of the tested animals with a statistical significance (Preclinical studies).

2005 – Biocol was approved by the Ministry of Health in CR as a dietary supplement

In 2005 Biocol was approved by the Ministry of Health in CR as a dietary supplement, hence nothing inhibited its use in the pharmaceutical industry. Biocol appeared on the Czech market in 2007 for the first time, named as Gesavit® which promoted digestive tract function during oncology treatments (colon carcinoma). In the following years it has secured a very good position on the Czech market and abroad due to its excellent results as a supplementary therapy, and for its ability to promote immunity. Moreover, in 2009 Gesavit® was tested for malignant gynaecological diseases (in Pilsen, Přerov and Vsetín).

2016 – BIOCOL PHARMA a.s. took over the project

BIOCOL PHARMA a.s. took over the project in 2016 in order to place Penoxal on the market and at the same time the company BIOCOL PHARMA a.s. bought the Gesavit® trademark, the sale of the product under this name was terminated and was replaced by the new name of the food supplement “Penoxal”.