About Penoxal

  • Dietary supplement made from a natural microorganism
  • It is classified as a medicinal medicinal mushroom
  • The active substance Biocol is produced in a patented way in the form of modern biotechnological production
  • Conducted numerous medical evaluations with a large amount of practical user experience and history since 1972

Penoxal is a natural dietary supplement having a positive effect on the immune system, which shows no negative or toxic effects. It has a powerful ability to act on specific white blood cells – B and T lymphocytes that are crucial for a good immune response and that prevent diseases. Due to its significant antioxidant activity and its ability to optimise apoptosis, it reduces the risk of today’s most severe disease – cancer. Penoxal also helps to relieve the adverse effects of chemotherapy or radiotherapy, and it aids to return the blood count values back to normal more swiftly.

Apart from its positive effect on body’s immunity, Penoxal contributes to a good function of the digestive tract, where most of the body’s immunity resides. By regulating the acidic environment of gastric juices, Penoxal relieves the unpleasant heartburn, and it reduces the risk of gastric ulcers. It promotes the desired state of intestinal microflora and it regulates bowel movement (constipation/diarrhoea) which can be utilised for treatments of many conditions that lead to the damage of intestinal mucosa and a subsequent risk of more severe diseases. The beneficial effects of Penoxal on digestion help to restore abdominal comfort and balance.

By harmonising the particular organ system, Penoxal contributes to a healthy body function and its overall well-being.

Main ingredients of Penoxal

What penoxal contains and what makes it unique


Biocol is natural substance acquired from Talaromyces puprpurogenus


Beta-glucan is a natural substance with an exceptional effect on the immune system.


It is mainly used as an advantageous source of energy during sports activities.

Vitamin C

The highly beneficial vitamin C is essential for the body to maintain health.

Penoxal may also be used in gynaecology. A strong immunity is a great tool against unwanted microorganisms causing vaginal mycosis or HPV-associated viruses that produce genital warts or precancerous changes to the cervix.

Beneficial effects:

  • it promotes immunity via activation of B and T-lymphocytes (white blood cells)
  • it protects cells from oxidative stress and free radicals, it acts as an antioxidant
  • it stimulates better tolerance to chemotherapy and radiotherapy
  • it inhibits the growth of tumors via the programmed cell death (i.e. apoptosis)
  • it normalizes the function of the liver, kidneys, stomach, and adrenal glands
  • it reduces the adverse effects of X-ray/UV radiation
  • it stimulates normal blood count values
  • it detoxifies the organism


  • in cancer treatments (chemotherapy, radiotherapy)
  • in the prevention of cancer relapses
  • in the prevention of oncological disease
  • in precancerous conditions
  • in inflammatory, viral, and bacterial diseases
  • in digestive tract disorders
  • for gynecological problems
  • for the weakened immune system
  • before and after surgical treatments

Side effects:

Penoxal is very well-tolerated even in high doses and it is not addictive during long-term administration. The product has no side effects and shows no antibiotic activity, it is entirely non-toxic and free of interaction with other medicinal products.

In rare cases, there may be diarrhea. If this occurs, we recommend reducing the dose.

With excellent results, Penoxal can be used to strengthen immunity during flu and colds, inflammatory, viral and bacterial diseases and also as their prevention.

Supplement production

The Penoxal manufacture takes place in a certified manufacture unit under the HACCP standards (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points). The input control of raw materials is applied here, they include Biocol, vitamin C and maltodextrine or gelatin capsules. All the components are properly mixed to (both should be ok I use to) an exact ratio inside the stainless steel vessel, and capsules are placed in a capsule filling machine. The unit is automatic and technologically operated, it ensures dosage too.

Preparation of materials


Filling line


Packing line


The dosage of capsules is automated and the closure is sealed with a safety ring. Output control of the final products is performed by 2 workers who inspect the capsule production process continuously, including its packaging and labeling.Filling of the boxes is performed via an automated machine unit which assembles boxes and seals them after the package insert was added.
The entire process is 100% clean and accurate. During filling, the workers collect random samples which are weighed and undergo laboratory tests. Each sample marked with batch is stored.

After filling the capsules, the entire batch is placed into a polisher which brushes and cleans the dust that attached on the capsule during the filling process. The next stage is the filling of the containers of 120 capsules, 60 capsules.
The entire process takes place in an enclosed area under a strict quality control. Some samples are collected from a particular batch and independent laboratories perform analyses of health safety (microbiological purity and heavy metals). Only the top quality products are marketed.

Control of the entire production

Tests in independent laboratories

Evaluation of Penoxal