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 National Center of oncology V. A. Fanardzyan's



Standard chemotherapy, radiotherapy, chemo-radiation therapy in combination with the preparation of PENOXAL 50


V. A. Fanardzyan's National Center of oncology
The Ministry of health of the Republic of Armenia, Yerevan


In the researches were included 115 patients at different stages of cancer who had passed chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
Research period 2009 – 2010.


Director of National Center of oncology
The Ministry of health of the Republic of Armenia
The main oncologist of MH ARM


Member-correspondent of National Academy ARM
professor Hayro Mikhailovich Galstyan



The conclusion of the clinical researches of chemotherapy in combination with the preparation of PENOXAL 50

11 patients were included in our studies, 4 from them with the breast cancer in III in – IV stage, 4- with lung cancer (2 in the III, 2 in IV stage), 2 – with rectal cancer, and 1 patient with with cancer of the large intestine. The patients received the preparation of PENOXAL 50 from 3 to 5 capsules per day during the treatment by chemotherapy within 60 days. Before the treatment the patients were examined according to the standard program depending on the localization of the tumor process. It was also examined the condition of T-cell immunoreactivity before and after the chemotherapy in combination of PENOXAL 50 and after.

During the chemotherapy in combination with the preparation of PENOXAL 50 there weren't any symptoms of toxicity (II – III state) such as nausea and vomiting. During the process of the treatment there was noticed the improvement in the general condition of patients in the form of increasing the general tone and the appetite improvement.

According to the laboratory studies in all 11 cases the level of leukocytes, neutrophils, thrombocytes hasn't dropped below the acceptable standards. Also has estimated the value of biochemical parameters of blood such as urea, bilirubin, prothrombin time, AST, ALT, NA+, CI-, Ca++ (general). In no one of these cases have been dramatic changes of the indicators.

Before the treatment the ECG of 2 patients has revealed diffuse-degenerative changes in the myocardium, the first of them has had diffuse cardyosclerosis and the second IHD (ischemic heart disease), CABG (coronary artery bypass operation). At the patients with primary heart pathology and without pathology weren't observed any clinical changes of heart according to ECG.

The indicators of T-cellular immunoreactivity were also rather deeply studied.

In 7 patients during the treatment process the indicators remained in norm, in 3 cases has been noticed a small decrease of relative indicators of T-cellular immunoreactivity, and in one case the indicators of T-cell immunity during the treatment process were normalized.

According to subjective studies there was an improvement of general condition in all patients - the increase of a tone and appetite, reduction of the pain, improvement of the sleep, and also the patients were rarely bothered by constipation and diarrhea.

The treatment effect in 60 days in all the patients was estimated as a stabilization process. There was no interruption of chemotherapy in a combination with the preparation PENOXAL 50 in any case. The tolerability of chemotherapy has improved, expressed complications in receiving the preparation PENOXAL 50 wasn't observed, hematological toxicity wasn't identified, nausea and vomiting II – III wasn't observed. It was particularly important the maintenance of indicators of the T-cellular immunoreactivity within norm at the most part of patients. The receiving of the preparation PENOXAL 50 is not hard for patients.


Head of the department of chemotherapy
(d.m.s) Professor Hayrapetyan Lidia Georgievna



Radio chemotherapy in combination with the preparation PENOXAL


In the study were included 104 patients with cervical cancer stage III. The patients apart from the radiotherapy received the preparation PENOXAL 50mg to 4-5 capsules per day during 60 days. Before starting treatment, patients examinations carried out in a standard way.

All the patients were in average state of expressed anemia and intoxication and at the first stage – intracavitary hemotherapy, after the recovery anemia was held a remote radiation therapy. In 3 weeks conducted polychemotherapy courses during which the condition of patients was already steadily satisfactory.

According to laboratory studies in all 104 cases the level of leukocytes and thrombocytes did not decrease below the acceptable standards. Also estimated values of such biochemical indicators of blood as urea, nitrogen, creatine, bilirubin and the prothrombin time Na+, Ka+, Cl+, Ca++. In no one of these cases was observed a sharp change of these indicators.

According to subjective studies in all patients were observed the improvement of life quality - the increase of a tone and appetite, pain reducing, sleeps improving.


In no one of these cases an interruption of treatment in a combination with the preparation PENOXAL wasn't observed. The shipping of radiotherapy has improved. Expressed complications in patients receiving the PENOXAL, such as nausea, vomiting, radiation cystitis and recta was not observed.


Currently the patients are under the control. The preparation PENOXAL didn't represent any difficulties in taking. The effect of the treatment in combination with the preparation was noticeable in 3 weeks.



Head of the department of radio gynecology IAC
Candidate of Medical Sciences Khangeldyan Alina