Maria O. – lack of mucosal immunity

I am the mother of 3 children aged 15, 9 and 6 years, two daughters and one son. Our suffering began when my son started to go to kindergarten, that has lasted almost seven years. At first it was just standard mucus, continued with not calming coughing and fevers. In the therapy, supportive treatment was initially started. They weren’t just common nursery diseases. Bacterial infections began to occur, involving sinusitis, laryngitis, bronchitis. And allergies were also associated. It never just stayed with my son. He always infected my other two daughters, as well as myself and my husband. My last maternity leave with my youngest daughter gradually turned into a nightmare. Because as soon as my son got rid of an illness, my first daughter caught it and then my other daughter within two days.

Finally, my husband and I were the last victims. And as soon as we recovered, my son started another round. This is how it was for almost 7 years, we used antibiotics 1-2x a month. It may seem trivial to someone as they’re just common childhood diseases, but they weren’t. Because for every one of my children to take 10-12 antibiotics a year, it seems too much for a small developing organism. It never went away without antibiotic treatment, CRP values above 100 and swabs always confirmed bacilli such as branhamella cataralis, streptococci, staphylococci, haemophyllus influenza, and others. So of course, we were looking for help from an immunologist.

Reduced antibody production was confirmed after thorough repeated blood tests. However, it wasn‘t to the extent that my children could be prescribed human immunoglobulins, because insurance company only pay it for patients who have low levels of antibodies in their blood, which my children did not pass the condition or had the values on the border of low limit. The immunologist confirmed to us that children lack mucosal immunity and that is why every bacillus overcomes them, which appears on the mucous membrane in the nose or throat. So they were prescribed different tablets. They had the effect that if they were taken, they were quite healthy, but when they finished using them and there was a 28-day pause, they got ill, so we reduced the amount of antibiotics to 7-8 a year. As a nurse, I know something about the harmfulness of antibiotics, and I have never been satisfied with the health condition of my children. That’s why I was looking for different alternatives. So, I tried food supplements such as: Aloe vera, Kryll oil, olive oil, various probiotics, vitamins C, B, A, D, E, honey, propolis, inhalations with hyaluronic acid, ampoules, nasal washes with sea water, liquid bio-colostrum, even Biobran bags. Nothing helped us. I was desperate and helpless. We couldn’t get rid of the antibiotics, the kids missed an awful lot of lessons at school, and I couldn’t go to work, although I wanted very much because there was no money left for expensive supportive treatment. But who would employ a mother who would stay home all the time with sick children? Nobody. We were in a vicious circle that we couldn’t get out of.

One day as I cried in front of my friend, she gave me 120 Penoxal tablets in a 50 mg pack. She told me to try to give it to children. I’ll tell you the truth that after so many food supplements I tried without effect, I didn’t even want to accept it. She finally convinced me that if it didn’t help, I didn’t have to continue the treatment. I gave half the dose of 2x50mg to the younger children and 4x50mg to my older daughter.

During use, I noticed that the children didn’t cough once, they breathed better, no cold with green or yellow mucus. So, after finishing taking Penoxal, I begged my friend to get me another pack. After using it, I ordered another package and so we and my husband have been using it since April 2019, and our problems are gone. Children have not taken any antibiotics since then! That’s 5 months!!! I consider such a time without antibiotics a real MIRACLE! I’m extremely grateful to my girlfriend. Without her, our suffering wouldn’t have ended. And, of course, great thanks to you who produce Penoxal! Thanks to you we can live again and I can finally go to work! Finally, we really enjoy life without chemistry – antibiotics!

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