Jindrich V. – weakened immunity

My name is Jindrich, born 1937. At a height of 176 cm, my weight ranged from 80 to 90 kg. At 45, I underwent a gall bladder stones removal operation. At about 50 years of age, I started to treat higher blood pressure and later also mild diabetes of II type. In 1998, I retired at the age of 60. By decreasing physical activity (I walked both ways on foot 3.5 km to work) my weight was slowly rising. In the autumn of 2001, I again experienced shortness of breath while walking faster, but without chest pain. I was diagnosed with severe CHOPN at the lungs department, and I have been treated for 18 years. I have been a smoker since I was 18, I have often tried to quit, but it was effective between 55-59 years old, I quit smoking from autumn to spring and in 59 years of age I stopped completely, but the disease caught up with me at 64.

In 2003 I had increased values during regular PSA check and on 12.11.2003 I underwent surgery. In October 2004, there was a re-surgery for hidden chronic urinary tract inflammation maintained by a porous urinary stone. In 2004, cervical and lumbar spine pains appeared, X-ray showed partial prolapse of vertebrae in these areas. I was also often dizzy. After about 5 months, the problems were much smaller, probably due to absorption by spinal fluid, so I didn‘t start my planned surgery. In 2005, I experienced tingling in my chest during exertion, I thought it could be a true and middle coronary, which was 40% and 20% closed during the last cardiography. I underwent three cardiographic examinations with finding of 50% artery occlusion, which didn‘t indicate surgical solution and classical treatment was recommended.

In 2009, my nose started to bleed more and more often. Over time, my dyspnoea increased, I can walk only very slowly with frequent rest. I started cycling regularly at seventy. I only drink non-alcoholic beer, I take Silybum Marianum. I also attend nephrology for weakened kidneys. I have been regularly vaccinated with influenza, I have vaccination against pneumococci, for jaundice type A and vaccination against tetanus. Last Christmas, my oesophagus clogged, perhaps greed, but after a while it relaxed. I was hoping it was a coincidence.

At the end of March, my oesophagus was blocked twice within 3 days and it was with a really mushy well-chewed food. It was a serious symptom, I was browsing the internet and came across Penoxal and immediately ordered the strongest package, which is a high price for pensioners. I thought about my immunity to be supported by a lot of food supplements that I have been taking for years in recent years. I also use Chinese and Japanese mushrooms of Reshi, Cordyceps and so on. I haven’t heard of Penoxal yet. Obviously, at the earliest possible time, I visited endoscopic doctor, who performed a gastroscopy and didn‘t find a tumour to my great relief. I took Penoxal 50 mg 4 capsules a day in the morning and in the evening before meals.

Earlier this year, I had a corneal sore in my right eye and was treated with drops of various antibiotics and antivirals for about a month. Immediately thereafter, a series of common colds resulted in angina. A little to my surprise in both cases they talked about a possible cause in weakened immunity. After taking Penoxal 50mg I feel free without problems, my oesophageal clogging didn‘t appear and my depressions were also quite moderate. In the second appendix I send a photo, which is from this year.

Yours sincerely, Jindrich

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