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Cancer patient experience

Veronica – Breast cancer
It was only in early April that I underwent the examination. Ten days later, I received a call, learning I had a diagnosis—breast cancer.

Rose – Melanoma of the small intestine
I was diagnosed with a melanoma of the small intestine. As is standard, I underwent an endoscopy which revealed nothing but inflammation.

Martin Pospěch – Tonsillar lymphoma
After checking into the hospital, a detailed histology report arrived, changing the diagnosis—the growth wasn’t a carcinoma, but lymphoma.

Eva – liver cancer
I’ve been going for regular check-ups. Two years later, I was diagnosed with cancer again, this time with liver cancer.

Milena - ovarian tumour
The last one revealed that I had an ovarian tumour. The treatment only started last year.

Maria - breast cancer
I underwent a bilateral mastectomy. In the autumn, I went through chemotherapy which I tolerated well, thank God.

Lucia - cervical cancer
I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. I was looking for a food supplement which might help.

Eva - breast cancer
In March 2020 I went for my regular mammography, and a small formation was detected. A subsequent biopsy revealed it to be malignant.

Adam Bien, Poland - bladder cancer
In August 2020 I was diagnosed with bladder cancer which proved to be malignant.

Hanna Pawlik, Poland - tumours on the lungs
Five years later, the CT scan showed she has metastasis – 11 tumours on the lungs and cancer attacked her face again.

Jana Sobotkova, Czechia - biliary tract cancer and metastasis
After a week, exactly on my 47th birthday, I was diagnosed with bile duct cancer (the Vater papillas) with ingrowth into muscle.

Iveta Markova, Czechia - tumour of the ovary and large intestine
After a histology it was discovered that I had a malignant tumour on one ovary , small and large intestine and many smaller ones.

Adela Privoznikova, Czechia - Hodgkin's lymphoma
On March 24th, the doctor told me I had Hodgkin's lymphoma that they couldn't treat there and sent me to the hospital.

Galya - skin cancer
Everything started with a mole which the doctor didn't clean properly and from then the nightmare starts.

Al, 55 years – prostate cancer
My name is Al Freeman, I was born on February 20, 1963. It's been three years since I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I have an operation in which my tumor has been removed but I have not been that lucky.

Walter, 72 years – colon cancer
Because the problems did not persist I went to hospital for a medical exam. From there I was send for colonoscopy and diagnosed with malignant colon cancer.

Melvin Chamberlain, 45 years – thymus cancer
They found a tumor in the thymus (the anterior mediastima tumor) that started pushing the vocal nerve and the left vocal cord was completely paralyzed hence the loss of voice.


Ivan Downer, 62 years – oesophageal cancer
By the end of February 2017 I started to have swallowing problems and the doctor sent me for further gastro examination. They found that I had a malignant tumor which was confirmed by the histology.


Esther, 45 years - thyroid cancer
During the three months just before the next biopsy my daughter had enlarged lymph nodes and her cervical nodules were painful. Results of the repeated thyroid biopsy and the nodes were found to be positive.

Milan Pustka

Milo Pusten, 57 years - colon cancer
At the beginning of 2010 aged 51 I had a fairly peaceful personal and professional life until I was diagnosed with multiple liver metastases. The primary tumor was in the descendent colon.

Pavlína Šmídová

Paula Smith, 57 years - breast cancer
In September 2014 after the mammography screening I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was clear from the start; the evidence showed it was a tumour with a high proliferation.

manželé Pavlovi

Mr. and Mrs. Pavlov - kidney cancer + video
During the prostate examination, my husband had a neoplasm found on his kidney, and the following assessment showed it was cancer.  

paní Dagmar

Dagmar - uterine cancer
I was introduced to Penoxal by my granddaughter. She has brought it over because I had uterine cancer and she wanted to help me using a natural product. Before cancer, I had suffered from frequent colds and weak immunity. 

Dagmar Seibertová

Dagmar Seibert - thyroid disease + video
In 2014 my thyroid was removed, but I continued to feel very tired. The next assessment revealed follicular lymphoma where the thyroid used to be. I underwent an operation followed by radiotherapy.

Milan Ryba

John, 74 years - lung cancer
After chemotherapy, I succumbed to eternal fatigue, excessive mood swings and other troubles connected with it. Anyone who has undergone chemotherapy treatment certainly knows what I'm talking about.

Milan Ryba

Stanley, 58 years - prostate cancer
Though my doctor was highly qualified, along with the biopsy results he harshly responded: “you have cancer and you can choose where to have an operation”. In that moment my world crumbled and I was glad to be sitting.


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