Ludmila P. – HPV virus

Hello, I want to share my experience with Penoxal. During a brain scan due to prolonged headaches, they found cancerous deposits that cannot be removed due to their location. The deposits cause epilepsy, which was discovered after the first seizure called Grand Mal. The epilepsy was confirmed by all possible tests such as EEG, brain CT and MRI. My treatment is permanent, and I go for check-ups regularly. On top of that, my vaginal inflammation, discharge, vaginal itching and condylomas kept coming back. I had a very weakened immunity, cough, cold, bronchitis kept coming back. It was very difficult for me during this period. I didn’t have the strength for anything, antibiotics or other medicines didn’t work very well, and everything was coming back in the near future.

After a gynaecological examination I was found to be strongly positive for HPV virus, which was responsible for almost all my gynaecological problems. I felt under the weather. A good friend recommended Penoxal, but I didn’t want to go for it because it seemed overpriced and after my experience with medications and doctors, I didn’t trust anything anymore. In the end, I listened to my friend and ordered Penoxal. Now I’m glad I have such a great friend because she gave me really good advice. The HPV virus that was always giving me problems is slowly disappearing and so are my other problems. Now I really feel the improvement, nothing is coming back gynecologically and also my immunity has improved. I recommend Penoxal to everyone who has problems like I had.

Thank you to those who made this supplement.

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