Beata K. – HPV virus

I would like to share my own experience with Penoxal. I hope it helps with the hesitation of other women. After giving birth in 2019, my health literally collapsed. Repeated flu-like conditions, fatigue and what bothered me the most was a positive test for HPV virus in the first stage of cervical pre-cancer and, last but not least, endometriosis. I had several gynaecological appointments with several doctors after that and the answer was always the same. Either surgery, after which the lesions may come back, or hormone treatment, which puts you into menopause for six months. As I’m 32 years old I didn’t see help in either option. In 2021 also appeared horrible to unbearable pelvic floor pain, for which no analgesics worked.

Every day was torture for me, and I kept hearing the same thing over and over again from doctors. Surgery to alleviate the condition and then it comes back or hormone treatment. I started looking on my own. I was constantly on the phone during the day and at night, reading what would help with the pain. Through herbal tinctures, mushrooms, homeopathic remedies, and strong analgesics, I came across an article by a woman who suffered from the same, maybe worse, pain as myself. I opened the Penoxal menu and was frankly taken aback by the high price. But I was in a position of taking any port in a storm and I didn’t hesitate for long.

I ordered the first pack and started taking it. Exactly on day 10 of taking it, my pain was relieved after all these months. I was waiting for it to stop having effect and I would start suffering again. I have been ordering Penoxal regularly for over half a year now and the pain is really gone. None. Having read other stories of people from weakened immunity to cancer where Penoxal has worked, I believe this is the way to go. I wish this help from pain and illness would reach all patients. At this time, I am recovering from a cervical conization when I had my 3rd pre-cancer and I believe that Penoxal in an increased dose will again help me in my treatment and recovery, In conclusion I would like to write that I hope that this natural miracle will reach everyone and help them and will start to be recommended by doctors.
Thank you very much.

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