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Digestive, bowel problems and constipation have been with me since I was a teenager. At that time, I stopped drinking milk, started avoiding lactose and also stopped eating meat out of dietary conviction. I didn’t miss either of those in my diet, but I still suffered abdominal pain in the “down” bowel area (i.e., colon) and constipation. I went through mental anorexia, followed by ten years of bulimia, which I thankfully recovered from – but my lower abdominal pain was still there. First in relation to specific foods (which I quite logically gradually cut out of my diet), but later without any obvious external cause or the environment I was in. The pain wasn’t constant, only intermittent, but when it came, it was really something. In the acute phase of the pain, my abdomen was extremely bloated, and I was in pain with literally every inhalation and exhalation. I tried everything in a natural way: dietary treatment, herbs, Peruvian teas, food supplements to support digestion, lactobacilli, detoxification, controlled fasting, special diets… Relief did come, but it was always temporary. What’s more, the interval when these supportive methods brought relief became shorter and shorter.

For many years, warm water in the morning on an empty stomach helped me with constipation. When it stopped working, I switched to warm water with apple cider vinegar. After a few years, this “youth elixir” also stopped working and I put on a warm baking soda solution. Overall, however, I certainly didn’t feel like a woman at the peak of her powers. I didn’t know which way to go anymore. And the money I’d spent over the years on all these “experiments”…

In 2018, after about two decades (!) of pain, I decided to approach my GP at the time. Without touching my belly, just based on my description, she recommended that I include lactobacilli and meat or at least strong meat broths in my diet. I couldn’t digest the meat and the pain was even more intense afterwards, so I started making broths. Which may have given me a little more physical strength (quite understandably after twenty years of veganism), but otherwise it made absolutely no difference to my pain. At the time, I was moving across the country, so I changed the GP and approached her with my problems too. Again, without touching my stomach she told me it was probably from stress (which I don’t deny). However, twenty years of constipation must have taken a toll on the intestines, not to mention the toxins in the body. To her credit, though, it must be said that she immediately issued me a request for a colonoscopy. After a three-month wait for an available appointment, I finally got my turn in December 2020 – and subsequently heard the verdict of “five polyps near the rectum. Four are normal, the fifth has cellular changes. Follow-up check in five years.”

The news took my breath away. So, if I’m definitely not going to do anything, it’s going to be to wait with my hands in my lap for the cellular changes to reach the point of no return in five years! Furthermore, at that time (between 2020-2021), I was facing a serious illness of a close family member, the very closest one actually. Twenty-four hours a day under permanent stress and under a psychological pressure that no one who has not been in a similar situation can understand. I slept poorly, ate poorly, and couldn’t go to the toilet without special laxatives (i.e., they are not addictive, but rather a dietary supplement that can have laxative effects). The abdominal pain didn’t subside either, on the contrary: it started to move all over the place, but it was always the colon. The wise advice of those who knew that “it’s all from stress and that it will go away” was absolutely no help.

It was then, while searching for other, different options, that I came across the Penoxal website on the Internet. I hesitated for a while, due to its higher price but, in the end, the understanding that “we only have our health once” and “there will be money – and we won’t win”. Relief from the abdominal pain came very soon, after just a few days of taking two berries a day (2 x 50 mg)! Until then, an unthinkable result for me. After finishing the box (after about 2 months of use), I thought that this was the end for me. However, the stomach pains started to reoccur – and I realised that one dose may have been insufficient. It’s like cleaning a weed bed that you don’t pull it out by the root. So, I’ve already ordered another pack of Penoxal, and this time I’m taking a higher dose: 4 x 50 mg a day. I feel much better, a good 90% better! And that’s a lot.

So, for myself and after more than twenty years’ experience with a variety of other supplements and paths, I can only recommend Penoxal, and with a completely clear conscience.

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What is the use of Penoxal in gastroenterology?

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