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Clinical test of effectiveness regarding Penoxal 50 BG

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Senior consultant: MUDr. Jarmila Repovská

Product testing coordinated by: MUDr. Mária Aldhabbahová

Aim: To test the effectiveness of Penoxal 50 BG in clinical practice.

The aim was to test the effectiveness of Penoxal 50 BG in a dose of 4 capsules daily for 60 days in female cancer patients.

Testing period: 21.4.2011 – 31.8.2011

Number of patients:9 with cancer diagnosis
Divided as per diagnosis:
C 56 malignant ovarian cancer 7 patientsC 54 malignant cervical cancer 2 patients
Tested parameters:

nausea and vomiting
other GIT problems (diarrhoea, constipation, nausea, flatulence)
overall condition
Evaluations:after the 1st month of use; after 2 months
Abbreviations used:0        no changes
+       improved in parameters tested
–        – declined in parameters tested
Date of birth
1st month total evaluation3rd month total evaluation


We selected 9 patients with ongoing cancer treatments. We observed their subjective evaluation of tested parameters. Objective testing (BC and tumour markers) was under the lead of an oncologist in line with the concurrent cancer treatments.The parameters were evaluated after the 1st month and in the 3rd month. Some patients were using the product at the time of result processing.

4 out of 9 patients had a relapse of their primary disease.

3 patients with the relapse had elevated tumour marker CA 125, one had newly detected ascites, one patient had a metastasis in her groin, and one patient had a new lymphoedema in her LL. /p>

Of the information available:

5 patients had decreased tumour marker CA 125

3 patients had elevated CA 125

1 unknown

Please note: This evaluation in regard to Penoxal is not entirely valid as these patients were receiving concomitant chemotherapy.

At the time of testing none of the patients reported any side effects or adverse effects, none of the patients had an allergic reaction. All patients tolerated the product well. Subjectively, patients found the product very beneficial.

2 out of 9 patients stated no change in the tested parameters. The rest of patients found the product beneficial especially in association with their GIT problems – nausea, and with their neurological problems – sensation of heavy legs, pins and needles in LLs or skin burning.

In total, 7 out of 9 patients felt better while using Penoxal 50 BG, they felt in a good overall condition and better tolerated the concurrent chemotherapy.


Penoxal 50 BG may be recommended as a food supplement particularly in cancer patients. The product is well tolerated and has no side effects. It helps to improve the overall condition of a patient and thus enables better tolerance of cancer treatments; it improves the overall quality of life in cancer patients.

Senior consultant: MUDr. Jarmila Repovská

Product testing coordinated by: MUDr. Mária Aldhabbahová