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I’m a man in my late 20s. Health and fitness have always been a priority to me; I’ve been eating healthy and doing sport. My only health issues were autoimmune hypothyreosis (diagnosed at the age of 10) and gluten intolerance (diagnosed at the age of 18). In early 2020, after a stressful time at work and a physically demanding travelling period in the tropical regions of Central America, I felt weak, tired, increasingly anxious, and depressed. I also suffered from pain in some of my joints. The situation came to a head in February 2020 when I was hospitalised due to my swollen joints, blurry vision, frequent urination, and a week-long stay in bed.

After my samples were taken, it was determined I had blood sugar levels of up to 36 mmol/l. I was diagnosed with latent autoimmune diabetes in adults (LADA) and told to expect a very unpleasant future consisting of endless switching from hypoglycaemia and exhaustion, caused by huge doses of insulin determined according to the “ideal diet recommended for diabetics”, and hyperglycaemia whose effect on blood vessels, eyes, heart, and kidneys would shorten my lifespan roughly by 15 years. A horrible outlook—that is if you trust doctors and their views on “incurable, permanent diagnoses because there’s no cure for autoimmune disorders.”

Because hospital doctors prescribed me a dose of insulin determined according to “expert” recommendations and the 90 % carb diet I had at the hospital even though I previously used to eat minimum amounts of carbohydrates, I immediately went back to the ketogenic diet I had before the hospitalisation. To my surprise, my insulin requirements didn’t just decrease—they plummeted. My sharp vision returned, though the knee pain persisted. What followed was a stressful period of looking for doctors who’d be willing to address my issue HOLISTICALLY and look for the root cause, not just give me pharmaceuticals and comment on the “idiopathic” nature of my diagnosis.

I was examined by several immunologists, diabetologists, gastroenterologists, endocrinologists, rheumatologists, and orthopaedists. There didn’t seem to be any diagnosable cause regarding my knee pain and so there was “no reason to treat it”; doctors only wanted to dope me with painkillers. The autoimmune processes and levels of autoantibodies which arrest the formation of insulin in pancreas decreased but didn’t disappear entirely. My depression, exhaustion, and anxiety subsided but didn’t stop completely. The only useful information I got was that due to an “unknown strain, likely of a viral nature”, my immunity had demonstrably changed—there was a lack of certain specialised white blood cells and an overabundance of others. But to this day no one has been able to give me a specific immunological diagnosis. At the same time, doctors found boundary values of immunoglobulins, related to an EBV and Borrelia infection. The final piece of the jigsaw was a food intolerance test (IgG antibodies) which discovered that I was strongly intolerant to almost 30 foods.

At last, I had specific, tangible information, and so I began taking appropriate measures. I excluded all the red “foods” found by the intolerance test from my diet, and eliminated most of those left. I began to undergo environmental hormesis by accustoming my body to cold and going to the sauna or cryochamber. The exhaustion, slow digestion, and lack of energy disappeared and my knee pains subsided. But to finally get rid of the knee pain and stiffening, I still had to deal with the “viral strain” that had changed my immunity. This is where PENOXAL came in. After a month of using this supplement, my knee pain decreased DRASTICALLY. The antibody levels related to my diabetes dropped markedly and I didn’t have to take insulin even after including carbohydrates in my diet again—the results showed my blood sugar levels were those of a healthy person. What surprised me even more was that my antithyroid antibodies decreased as well (I’ve been “treating” my thyroid ever since I was a child), and after a long time my endocrinologist even lowered the dose of my medicine. So much for autoimmune issues being “incurable” :).

I’ve been taking PENOXAL for almost a year. Both mentally and physically I’ve been feeling the best I’ve ever felt in my entire life. Immunologists still don’t know what happened and is happening to my immunity, and are washing their hands of the whole thing. Diabetologists and endocrinologists are at a loss because “it’s impossible” for autoimmune hypothyreosis and LADA to go into remission.

Currently I’m educating myself on bacteria, protozoans, and parasites that can be typically found in the Central America region where I’d been travelling, as well as on their possible effect on immunity, autoimmunity, and especially joints which remain my only persisting issue. Although the pain is about 90 % gone, occasionally it returns. I refuse to make peace with the idea of never running a half-marathon again. Whenever I discontinue PENOXAL, my joint pain becomes worse; also, after periods of physical exertion, my elbows and joints in my palms stiffen in the morning. Clearly, PENOXAL is doing something for my immunity—it’s positive effect is undeniable.

I’m very glad to have learned of this food supplement and to have decided to take responsibility for my own health and not to leave it in the hands of doctors who often parrot invalid dogma put forward by the pharmaceutical industry. Thank you for making such a great product and I wish good health to all those using it.

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