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Experiences with administration of Penoxal 50

MUDr. Martin Novák

MUDr. Martin Novák

Gastroenterology Clinic, City Hospital Čáslav

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Study period:


Patient group:

5 patients in total were included with ulcerative disease of duodenum and gastric antrum.

Age range:

45-75 years,

3 women, 2 men

Initial assessment:

Gastroscopy results – 3x duodenal ulcers, lx ulcer of pyloric canal, lx ulcer of gastric antrum

Follow-up assessment::

Gastroscopy results: 4x completely healed ulcers, lx reduction of antrum ulcer size Laboratory tests:

were performed in three patients. A single one-off test was done during the therapy provided. The tests showed no increase in liver test values, renal function or blood count changes.


Patients were given proton pump inhibitors – PPIs (Helicid, Lanzul Nolpaza) or H2-receptor antagonists (Quamatel). The usual dosage was recommended.

Penoxal 50 was recommended along with the therapy in a dose of 2×1 capsules daily. The length of therapy with Penoxal 50 was a minimum of 3 weeks.

Side effects while using Penoxal 50:

Patients showed no side effects during the therapy, no allergic reaction was noted. Patients were in a good condition throughout. No coincidence with infectious diseases occurred.


The complementary therapy using Penoxal 50 was perceived as positive by patients. Therapy effects were clearly helped by the primary antisecretory therapy. No side effects occurred during the administration. The group of patients tested for Penoxal 50 is small, but the therapy outcomes for ulcerative diseases may be considered very promising.

in Čáslavi 3.10.2011

Mudr. Martin Novák
Gastroenterology Clinic, City Hospital Čáslav

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What is the use of Penoxal in gastroenterology?

Apart from its positive effect on the body defence mechanism Penoxal aids a healthy functioning of the digestive tract which is reflected in a healthy immune system. It promotes an optimal health of intestinal microflora. It has a positive effect on the bowel movement, which may be utilised in treatments of many diseases that lead to disruption of intestinal wall, and thus increase the risk of developing a more serious disease. Positive effects of Penoxal on digestion demonstrate that the stomach and digestive system are healthy. M.D. Anna GalambosPharm.Dr. Thomas Arndt and other doctors confirm in their statements about Penoxal that it is suitable food  supplement to complement gastroenterological treatments. Find out more about Penoxal users experience HERE.

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