Irena S. – Urinary tract inflammations

In April 2017 my father died at the age of 92. For me, this loss was very difficult mentally. 18 years ago, my husband died after serious illness, he was only 49 years old. The following year, my mother. All these losses were very painful for me. My dad never got over mum’s death, although he lived to a respectable age.

After his death, I lost my last strong support and I mentally collapsed. I have two daughters, but they have their own families and many other concerns. I was thinking too much about the loss and therefore health problems began to appear, especially recurrent urinary tract inflammations and gynaecological problems. It was really hard for my psyche, I had to visit a psychiatrist and I took antidepressants. However, treatment with antidepressants didn’t last long and I felt really terrible all the time. It got better after a year of taking antidepressants. Several times in a row, I took various antibiotics for urological and gynaecological problems. Despite adhering to all recommended measures, the problems just repeated. It lasted all year. I was also interested in other treatment options (natural). I have tried various preparations (e.g. cranberries, tropaeolum, urological tea and other herbs). Still, without permanent cure. Everything was repeated at different length intervals.

So, I kept searching and searching. On the internet, I came across a Penoxal food supplement. After studying the website, and reviews from doctors and patients, I decided to try Penoxal. To this day, I am grateful for this decision. After taking the first dose, the condition of my health began to improve and now, almost after a year of use, I’m happy to say that I have not had bladder inflammation during the entire period of use (last in August 2018). I would like to give many thanks to everyone who has some credit for the invention and production of Penoxal. I’m grateful for the product with the active substance of Biocol, which is of natural origin. I got rid of antibiotics and generally boosted my immune system.

Now I would like to gradually “get rid” of antidepressant treatment. I believe that everything will turn out well. I will continue to take Penoxal at regular intervals now, and I believe that I have overcome the urinary tract health problems.

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