Vaclav P. – Pancreatic cancer


I’m 48 years old and was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2019. After undergoing surgery in January 2020 which entailed the removal of my pancreas and 21 nodes, I became a 1st stage diabetic and had to take insulin. Over 2021 I was going for check-ups. Everything seemed fine. One day I underwent a PET CT. I thought everything was okay until one day my doctor told me about my blood test results. The cancer came back, to nodes somewhere around my spine. So I had to start chemotherapy. Then, my sister got in touch to tell me about a new product that could help me handle the treatment—Penoxal. So I went online to learn how it could help, and was interested to see it contained Biocol. I liked that a lot and decided to give Penoxal a try. As soon as I began taking it my blood count improved and my appetite returned which was a miracle considering the fact that I was undergoing chemotherapy.

Even my sugar level was good enough to make my diabetologist notice. I feel good now, and I no long get headaches after chemotherapy. My appetite has been restored and my nausea has lessened by 60 %. I weigh as much as before, and am neither gaining nor losing weight. I can’t comprehend how come that due to taking two pills in the morning and two in the evening I can function as though I wasn’t sick at all. I have two beautiful daughters and would like to give them as much love and happiness for as long as I am able to. Now I have to go for a new PET CT and hope that Penoxal will guarantee a positive outcome and the cancer will recede!

Thanks and wish you all GOOD HEALTH !!!

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How does Penoxal help in oncological treatment?

A strong immune system can deal with cancer cells well and it destroys them; however, sometimes it needs help. PENOXAL stimulates the immune system and it helps to optimise its activity, which manifests effectively enough to fight cancer cells. The product may be taken during radiotherapy and chemotherapy as it helps to overcome some of its adverse effects. Moreover, it improves the function of digestive tract, liver, kidneys and other organs that are under a great stress during cancer treatments; in this way it enhances a healthy body functioning and an overall well-being. M.D. Anna GalambosPharm.Dr. Thomas Arndt and other doctors confirm in their statements about Penoxal that it is suitable food supplement to complement cancer treatments. Find out more about Penoxal users experience HERE.

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