Tereza S. – HPV virus

Hello, my name is Teresa and I would like to share a story with you about my health problems. I used a lot of drugs that helped but also produced side effects. I have always struggled with low immunity, sore throat, sick vocal cords, hives, colds. Still recurring colds. I tried to eat more fruits and vegetables. I did not avoid the various vitamin supplements but the result was´t that good. My doctor only treated me with antibiotics. They helped for a while but not really for a long time.

I slowly learned to live with the constant cold but gynecological problems came along if all these problems. Constant gynecological discharge, abnormal vaginal bleeding between periods and abdominal pain forced me to see a gynecologist. 14 days After a variety of vaginal swabs and blood sampling the result was almost clear. Suspected HPV virus. So again a series of examinations and the result confirmed the suspicion. It was really an HPV infection. There was an immediate antibiotic treatment. Because my immunity was constantly miserable and the HPV infection treatment is a long run I got a tip for the PENOXAL food supplement.

I found this product on the Internet and despite my initial skeptic judgment I ordered the product. The price seemed too big to me but now I do not regret investing the money. HPV infection slowly but surely disappears, immunity is getting stronger at great speed and my digestion was improved along with my gluten-free diet. I had digestive problems but I did not solve them. Now I feel really good. I haven’t had a cold yet, the HPV infection is slowly disappearing, and digestion is as it should be in a healthy person. For me, PENOXAL is the best natural remedy that really helps and I only recommend.

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