Mr. and Mrs. Pavlov – kidney cancer

An ultrasound assessment and a prostate examination detected a neoplasm on my husband’s kidney. Therefore, he was referred for further assessments where they revealed cancer on his entire renal pelvis; an avalanche of examinations followed and ended with an operation. He was at risk of losing the entire kidney as this type of cancer is very difficult to operate. After some findings and due to medical skills and experience, the tumour was successfully removed and the kidney saved.

When discharged home my husband was clearly unwell, he lost appetite; the lethargy and overall weakness were visible. He was not the usual self. A month later he was informed the operation was successful with no greater consequences, but he needed to undergo chemotherapy. He was also recommended to boost his immunity, so we opted for Penoxal. At first, my husband took Penoxal twice daily and within a month some improvements were visible. His appetite returned and he became more active. A month later, his physical and mental condition was back to normal. Then he started using Penoxal only once a day for nine months.

The follow-up assessment showed that his kidney was absolutely fine, so the interval of health checks got prolonged, and at present he visits the doctor once in eight months. Due to the immunity boost we prevented flu and other infections throughout the winter season. My husband and I have both tried Penoxal and we can only recommend it. Before my hernia operation and abdominal reconstruction I took Penoxal as prevention; I took it a month before the intervention and everything was fine. The scar healed well. Because the surgery was done before the winter I worried I would catch my usual flu. It often results in the upper respiratory tract infection with a terrible cough, and I wanted to spare myself that after the hernia operation. Thanks to the boosted immunity, flu did not come so I was able to complete my therapy successfully. I strongly recommend Penoxal to my loved ones and to people who want to maintain their immunity in a good condition and be healthy themselves.

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How does Penoxal help in oncological treatment?

A strong immune system can deal with cancer cells well and it destroys them; however, sometimes it needs help. PENOXAL stimulates the immune system and it helps to optimise its activity, which manifests effectively enough to fight cancer cells. The product may be taken during radiotherapy and chemotherapy as it helps to overcome some of its adverse effects. Moreover, it improves the function of digestive tract, liver, kidneys and other organs that are under a great stress during cancer treatments; in this way it enhances a healthy body functioning and an overall well-being. M.D. Anna GalambosPharm.Dr. Thomas Arndt and other doctors confirm in their statements about Penoxal that it is suitable food supplement to complement cancer treatments. Find out more about Penoxal users experience HERE.

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