The doctors experience with Penoxal

M.D. Ilona Müllerova
I regard Gesavit 50 BG as a significant complementary product in oncology care and treatments of all diseases that have greatly reduced the performance of the immune system.

M.D. Anna Bednarova
Based on my diagnostics, the dietary supplement Gesavit 50 BG appears to be a very good product not only in health promotion. Patients undergoing chemotherapy, as well as those whose chemotherapy cycle stopped, have repeatedly requested it.

M.D. Zuzana Skodova
I have used Gesavit 50 BG in my practice with good results as a complementary medication in the following diagnoses: acute myeloid leukaemia, breast carcinoma and along with chemotherapy. The product has been very well tolerated and some very good immune responses have been noted in the patients observed. The product is always taken along the recommended oncological treatment, and all the patients who were reviewed show a very good and visible adaptation to conventional chemotherapy, including their relatively fast recovery.

M.D. Vera Rysava
I use Gesavit as a supplement therapy for my family member diagnosed with rectosigmoid Ca. In February 2009 he underwent laparoscopic resection of a tumour. After the surgical procedure we commenced with Gesavit 3 x 1. The following chemotherapy was well tolerated. He is now after the 7th dose of chemo. Thanks to Gesavit the therapy continues with no major problems, his appetite remains good, subjectively no problems, CBC, liver tests normal, tumour markers neg. We continue with its use.

M.D. Jirina Berounova
I have a 1-year experience with GESAVIT products. Based on a recommendation from Dr. Šárková, I started using GESAVIT primarily, as I regard it really significant in terms of the immunity effect. I use the product as a supplement in neoplastic processes and degenerative diseases. So far I have used it in patients with breast cancer and skin melanoma, obviously as a supplement to conventional therapy. Its use is more suitable at the onset of a disease; the metastatic processes can be influenced only mildly. I recommend it for the long-term use as a hope for patients with neoplasms and degenerative diseases.

M.D. Lenka Trauskeova
I use Gesavit 50 BG in my clinic particularly as a natural supplement for cancer treatment and for precancerous cells of various organs, most frequently of the cervix. The product is very well tolerated, with no side effects, and in most patients with precancerous cells it has proved to improve their objective findings.

How does Penoxal help in oncological treatment?

A strong immune system can deal with cancer cells well and it destroys them; however, sometimes it needs help. PENOXAL stimulates the immune system and it helps to optimise its activity, which manifests effectively enough to fight cancer cells. The product may be taken during radiotherapy and chemotherapy as it helps to overcome some of its adverse effects. Moreover, it improves the function of digestive tract, liver, kidneys and other organs that are under a great stress during cancer treatments; in this way it enhances a healthy body functioning and an overall well-being. M.D. Anna GalambosPharm.Dr. Thomas Arndt and other doctors confirm in their statements about Penoxal that it is suitable food supplement to complement cancer treatments. Find out more about Penoxal users experience HERE.

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