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Inflamations (from Latin inflammatio)

The classical signs of inflammation are heat, pain, redness, swelling, and loss of function. Inflammation is a generic response, and therefore it is considered as a mechanism of innate immunity, as compared to adaptive immunity, which is specific for each pathogen.


Endometritis and its signs and symptoms

Female genital organs undergo various changes throughout life, e.g. as a result of childbirth or abortion. The uterus comprises of three parts (cervix, uterine body and fundus), where each one of those can be affected with inflammation. When inner lining of the uterus is affected it is called endometritis. Infection is transmitted primarily via vagina or in blood circulation... Read more

Risk factors of urinary tract infection (cystitis)

Acute UTI is nowadays the second most common infection. UTI called cystitis by gynaecology experts affect mostly women, but men are not spared either. Up to 50% of female population encounter this problem... Read more

Mastitis (breast inflammation) and its signs and symptoms

Mastitis known as breast inflammation affects the majority of breastfeeding mothers and it is painful. It occurs most commonly during the postpartum period, but its symptoms may appear anytime while breastfeeding. We distinguish acute and chronic mastitis... Read more

Pelvic inflammatory disease and its symptoms

Pelvic inflammatory disease is a gynaecological infection of the pelvis affecting fallopian tubes, ovaries and uterus. This problem affects primarily sexually active young women and it may impact on their fertility levels, cause ectopic pregnancy, internal bleeding or even death in the worst cases... Read more

Adnexitis and its signs and symptoms 

Adnexitis is a gynaecological infection affecting women only. Fallopian tubes are the organs involved and located in the pelvic cavity close to ovaries joining the abdominal cavity. Fallopian tubes are essential to female fertility. If ovaries are inflamed, fallopian tubes are usually affected too. Gynaecology experts call this inflammation adnexitis... Read more