Boosting child´s immune system

First years of life significantly influence the immune system functioning. The immunity develops already during the prenatal period, but the period after birth is more important, that is when the adaptive immunity matures as the body encounters plenty of microorganisms. Breastfeeding plays a big role in developing a strong immunity, it provides to the baby enough antibodies and as well probiotics that are important for good intestinal flora. As children grow up, they have to face many risk factors, so it is necessary to start strengthening their immune systems early enough.

Children and weakened immune system

The children’s immune system is under a lot of pressure not only because it comes to first contact with foreign substances that it has to react to, but as well because of the active immunisation (vaccination) and later because of changing their diet. When kids discover the world around them, the tendency to “taste” everything is very obvious, but even the contact with other kids or adults represents a risk of infection. Stress as well can have a negative impact on kids’ immunity, for example when separated from their mother. Start of kid’s daycare or school is a nightmare for most parents, very often that is when kids’ immune system weakens and they get sick repeatedly. Kids’ “irresponsible” approach to hygiene and getting dressed enough, bad weather and kids in the group – all these factors combined represent a big test for kid’s immune system. This is why boosting kid’s and parents’ immunity is essential, particularly during this period of time.

Weak immune system prevention and children

To prevent the weakening of the immune system, recommended not only to children, but also to all age categories, are especially healthy and balanced diet and obesity prevention. The elimination of sweets and fast foods, that weaken the immunity very much, should be a matter of course, as well as keeping an adequate and quality fluid intake – the most suitable are water and unsweetened fruit and herbal teas. Right hygienic habits such as washing hands, right way of nose blowing, coughing and sneezing, can prevent weakening of the immunity system and disease transmission. Prevention and keeping the immunity strong involves as well appropriate clothing, quality sleep, outdoor exercise and cold showers are a good thing to do too. Especially in winter time we should keep an appropriate temperature inside (around 22°C), ventilate rooms regularly and avoid smoking inside or staying in a room full of smoke. During periods of time when the immune system is demanded to work much harder (sport, big temperature differences, period of flu, stress) it is good to purposefully strengthen the immunity by above described means (which should be a natural part of the lifestyle) but as well by using the right natural food supplements. Some children have trouble swallowing capsules so for them the possibility to dissolve the content in water, and swallow it in a liquid form while the efficacy remains the same, is ideal. Boosting kid’s immunity in a natural way is the most basic action you can take for your kids.

How does Penoxal help with weakened immunity?

Penoxal is a natural food supplement containing a unique patented substance called Biocol and its positive effect on the immune system is accentuated by vitamin C. Penoxal promotes primarily B and T-cells – white blood cells responsible for the immune response, it regulates death of the damaged or diseased cells, it helps a healthy functioning of the digestive tract, it alleviates symptoms of many diseases, it harmonises the entire body and thus contributes to the overall well-being. It interferes with no other medications and when used on a long-term basis, it demonstrates no toxic or other negative effects. M.D. Anna GalambosPharm.Dr. Thomas Arndt and other doctors confirm in their statements about Penoxal that it is suitable food supplement to boost the weakened immunity. Find out more about Penoxal users experience HERE.

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