Heartburn or pyrosis is a main indication of excess acidity in the body. It manifests as uncomfortable, sometimes even painful heartburn behind the breastbone. Pyrosis occurs as a reflex gastric disorder, where stomach acid returns back up to the oesophagus. A large part of the population suffers from heartburn which is particularly caused by unhealthy lifestyle, poor diet, weak immunity and excess alcohol consumption. Usually pregnant women encounter pyrosis, most frequently at the third stage of pregnancy. However, in this case symptoms usually disappear after their childbirth. Risk factors of heartburn

Apart from pregnancy, pyrosis is caused by consumption of larger amounts of alcohol, black coffee, spicy or fatty food and long-term stress or poor diet. Risk factors of heartburn include hiatus hernia where the stomach position is elevated at the level of oesophagus from the abdominal cavity into the lower part of chest. Hiatus hernia tends to be caused by overweight. Many medications or their overuse may be another factor of heartburn. Risks of pyrosis are related to excess acidity in the body which is the main trigger of the health problems and it occurs due to poor diet and weak immune system.

Signs and symptoms

If signs and symptoms are overlooked, the problem may result in a more serious disease such as chronic inflammation of oesophagus, or oesophageal cancer at worst. Apart from the typical symptom of heartburn in the chest, pyrosis arouses bitter taste and acidity in the mouth. Released gastric juices often irritate vocal cords, so a hoarse voice may be another sign of the acid reflux disorder. Less visible signs and symptoms are excessive salivation, belching and pain in the lower abdomen.

Preventing heartburn

Primary prevention from heartburn includes healthy diet with an emphasis on an adequate intake of fruit and vegetables, fluids (water, herbal teas, and vegetable juices), alkaline food, avoiding alcohol and excess consumption of black coffee. Regular sleep helps to prevent oesophageal reflux diseases as well as other disorders. A lack of sleep makes the body weaker and it shortens the time for adequate regeneration. This weakens the immune system which cannot deal with the risk factors appropriately. A regular boost of the immune system is thus an effective method in heartburn prevention.

Treatment of heartburn

Popular and frequent methods of fast relief from heartburn include baking soda or milk. These however help to neutralise acidity only in a short term, but the root of the problem is not eradicated completely. Besides there are medical means that are better to minimise due to clogging of the body with unwanted substances; there are various natural products that may help. For example juice made of the miraculous plant aloe vera has beneficial effects of relieving the symptoms of pyrosis. Other natural remedies for heartburn include some herbs such as mint, wormwood, dandelion or lemon balm. Boosting immunity with natural food supplements is then necessary to stop the recurrence of heartburn and to establish a natural balance in the body.

Impact of the immune system on heartburn

Only a small percentage of people may cope with external influences of the modern times full of stress, unhealthy food and sedentary jobs. It depends on the immunity of individuals and how they manage to cope with these influences. If the immune system becomes weak, the body is unable to maintain the alkalinity required, and this results in first manifestations of excess acidity such as heartburn. Regular boosts of immunity using a natural food supplement may prevent this condition.

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