paní Graclíková

Mrs. Danuše - Kostelec nad Černými forests (stomach problems)
Last year I felt mild but unpleasant stomach pain for some time. I use medication for type 2 diabetes and also drugs to reduce my blood pressure and cholesterol levels.


Milan Pustka

Milan Pustka - 57 years, Frydek Mistek (colon cancer)

At the beginning of 2010 aged 51 I had a fairly peaceful personal and professional life until I was diagnosed multiple liver metastases. The primary tumour was in the descendent colon. I was started on palliative chemobiotherapy.


Jiří Novák

Jiri Novak - Prague, 41 years old (colon cancer)
My family bought the food supplement Penoxal as it was recommended by some friends. I started using it prior to my chemotherapy and radiotherapy (tumour in the colon). 
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