Gastroenterological diseases

Alan - Irritable bowel
It all started years ago when I suffered daily diarrhea. After several colonoscopies, there was no conclusion and the treatment did not work. Again, I was referred to another hospital.

Andrea Panayi - Irritable bowel syndrome
I was diagnosed with an irritable bowel syndrome at the age of 16. I have tried a great deal of different preparations and there have been so many examinations that I did not count. 

Paula - digestive disorder
At the last grade of high school, one year after the birth of my son I became ill with liver inflammation. Drugs for osteoporosis have damaged my digestive tract. 

paní Graclíková

Doreen - stomach problems
Last year I felt mild but unpleasant stomach pain for some time. I use medication for type 2 diabetes and also drugs to reduce my blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Milan Pustka

Milo Pusten, 57 years - colon cancer
At the beginning of 2010 aged 51 I had a fairly peaceful personal and professional life until I was diagnosed multiple liver metastases. The primary tumour was in the descendent colon. I was started on palliative chemobiotherapy.

George Newman, 41 years - colon cancer
My family bought the food supplement Penoxal as it was recommended by some friends. I started using it prior to my chemotherapy and radiotherapy (tumour in the colon).