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One year after the birth of my second daughter I was scheduled for a genealogical exam. I had no issues whatsoever, which is why the poor cytology results upset me so much. At first, I had to go for six-monthly check-ups, then three-monthly. As the condition wasn’t improving, I was referred to a specialist for a biopsy. The results were clear—I was HPV-positive, with slight pre-cancer changes in the cervix. I had to choose between frequent check-ups or a cervical conisation. Wanting to get rid myself of it all, I underwent the conisation. Then, upon the doctor’s recommendation, I was vaccinated against cervical cancer, using a vaccine that was available at the time. The results were fine and at last I was HPV negative.

Over the next 4 years I had no issues and my cytology was fine. I believed the vaccination was protecting me, and refused to even consider the alternative. Therefore, the results that I received after those 4 years were a real shock to me—I was HPV positive yet again. Yes, the vaccine protected me against the highest-risk types but sadly the vaccine doesn’t deal with the other high-risk versions. I knew that the virus couldn’t be treated, that my body and immune system had to fight it by themselves. For this reason, I went to online discussion forums to find some advice on how to improve and energise my immunity system. I stumbled upon a discussion regarding PENOXAL and based on the positive reviews decided to order a pack regardless of the high price. All I cared about was my health; I had no intention of undergoing another cervical conisation.

After using the product for a month, I noticed another positive side effect—better digestion and regular stools. Three months later, my cytology came out fine. Naturally, I keep using Penoxal and expect nothing but positive outcomes in the future. Since then, I’ve been recommending this miraculous product to everyone.

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What is the use of Penoxal in gynecological diseases?​

Penoxal aids an easier and faster recovery as it promotes immunity and thus reduces a risk of developing the disease; it balances the internal environment and it harmonizes the reproductive organ activity. M.D. Anna GalambosPharm.Dr. Thomas Arndt and other doctors confirm in their statements about Penoxal that it is suitable food supplement to complement gynecological treatments. Find out more about Penoxal users experience HERE.

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