Kamila B. – endometriosis

I am 38 years old and since I was 2 years of age I have been suffering from reduced immunity. I’ve tried everything possible, but it’s a long run. In January of this year, during a preventive examination in gynaecology, a cyst was found that needed a surgery. I’ve been to several examinations, and endometriosis has been suspected. In May I was in surgery, and there also endometriosis was confirmed. Its bearings were scattered on organs in stomach.

Endometriosis is an inflammatory disease and is closely related to poor immunity. I tried to learn as much about illness and treatment as possible. When searching I came across a product called Penoxal, I read a many good reviews. The price was pretty high, but I decided to try it. After a month of use, there was an improvement. Sometimes, dark blood clots left my body, which is typical of endometriosis. The abdominal pain gradually subsided. I felt better overall. Even the whole immunity began to work better.

I often had a sore throat, but it also slowly disappeared after use. I have had bladder problems, and even those have disappeared during use of the product. I felt better, I was no longer tired, and recovery from surgery was faster. I took one pack and the results are still known a month later. I will start taking it again for the winter to strengthen the effect. Thank you for this product.

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