Ester P. – uterine fibroid

n July 2015 she contacted us after a two-week pause, because she was admitted to a hospital with sepsis, fever, abdominal pain and abnormal abdominal distension. (ascites – fluid in abdomen). After the fever subsided she was discharged home with a diagnosis of tubo-ovarian abscess and a uterine fibroid. Due to her health status an operation was out of question so she was treated conservatively for twelve weeks and given IV antibiotics via a centrally inserted catheter. During this treatment she had sudden chest pain and hypertension. Suspected pulmonary embolism was ruled out by a CT scan; however, it revealed a presence of four small tumors in the thyroid gland. Its biopsy followed, but the result was ambiguous. It was recommended to repeat the biopsy after three months. During the three months just before the next biopsy my daughter had enlarged lymph nodes and her cervical nodules were painful. Results of the repeated thyroid biopsy and the nodes were found to be positive.

Apart from the conventional therapy to treat cancer we wanted to try all possible and accessible natural products. In April 2016 I accidently stumbled across an article in a magazine about cancer and the importance of the immune system and about PENOXAL. We immediately informed our daughter who readily agreed to try Penoxal. She started using 4 capsules a day in May. In the second week of its use she said the nodules in her throat were getting smaller and less painful. She said she was feeling much better, especially in terms of her psychological well-being and she was ready for the surgery planned for July. She was informed by her surgeon that after the gynecological procedure and a consultation with an endocrinologist the plan was to remove her thyroid gland and cervical nodules together in one procedure and radiotherapy would follow.

In July our daughter continued on Penoxal and underwent the gynecological surgery – subtotal hysterectomy. She was discharged home on the third day after the operation. She had no complications after the operation and her wound healed per primam even though there were adhesions in her lower abdomen as a consequence of C-section. The surgeon was surprised by histology results. No cancer cells were found, and the deposit of 22 cm in size filled with fluid which was removed showed no signs of infection. She was then on 4 capsules a day. After three months of using Penoxal she had a one-month break as recommended. In October she continued with Penoxal 4 capsules a day. (Please note that she has been on it throughout without the doctors knowing about it).

The surgery was planned for 28th October. The surgeon requested pre-op throat sonography and its finding was astonishing. It showed that the suspected deposits on cervical lymphatic nodes had completely disappeared, yet the biopsy done in the spring was found positive. On 28th October the entire thyroid gland was removed. Histology testing was found positive, it showed carcinoma, but it was stated that the immune system formed a two-centimeter thick vesicle around each tumor that prevented the cancer cells spreading to the surrounding tissue and the bloodstream..

A scar is almost invisible a month after the operation, no radiotherapy was given. Our daughter´s condition has improved dramatically; she has more energy, enthusiasm and new plans for years to come. Subsequently, she was given hormone therapy and regular follow-ups with endocrinology and oncology specialists.

Our daughter continues using Penoxal and we regard it as a miracle.


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