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I first started having issues when we were coming back home from a biking trip. Having covered 70 km, we still had roughly 30 km to go. Night was falling and we ran out of food and water to replenish our energy. We were giving it all we’d got and I felt my strength diminishing, even though I was used to long trips. My body was beginning to feel the excessive strain. When I got home, rested, and rehydrated, I began feeling a sharp pain and pressure on my bottom lip, and realised a cold sore—herpes—formed there.

It typically forms on the lips but can also appear on the mucus of the nose, on the face, chin, or neck; that is, primarily on the upper body. It starts with unpleasant tension and itching, followed by small purulent pimples. After the pimples pop they’re replaced with a scab that itches, burns, and can even bleed. This usually passes within two weeks. If it doesn’t, go to see a doctor. Did you know that our immunity system has a memory just like our brain that can last for your entire life? The same goes for herpes, which is stored in your body where it “sleeps” and then rises to the surface if your immunity is weakened. But this case was unusual. Not only was this specific herpes large and the spot very painful, but no matter what I did, it wouldn’t heal. It bled severely after each meal or whenever I brushed my teeth. I tried every ointment and followed every piece of advice, but nothing helped. If you’ve ever suffered from herpes, you surely know what I’m talking about.

I had to go to a doctor who prescribed Herpesin pills. The herpes healed but started coming back every month, and this time it covered my entire body, not just the lip. It was so bad that the moment one herpes healed another popped-up somewhere else. I went to every doctor imaginable, even the specialists, but everyone recommended the Herpesin treatment, 5 pills, 5 times a day—this went on for almost four years. Then finally herpes formed above my inner ankle, bloody, weeping, and with a regular border. I underwent every possible laboratory test. Doctors claimed I suffered from Lyme disease—I didn’t. I was put on a years-long treatment involving several types of antibiotics, but my condition didn’t improve.

While undergoing a preventive examination, my gynaecologist noticed the anomaly and asked me what it was and why I wasn’t getting treated for it. Since I trusted him a lot and I told him everything in detail about the long-term
III. issues and treatments. He listened to me, interested even though this wasn’t his area of expertise, immersed in thought. Finally, he concluded that my immunity was weak and that it was the source of all my issues—as I wrote above.
He recommended that I take PENOXAL 5Omg/120 capsules, four doses.

He also warned me that my insurance didn’t cover Penoxal—which is incomprehensible to me because the product, if used preventively to strengthen immunity, would make it unnecessary to take several antibiotics. The disease itself might have not even manifest itself since the organism (immunity) would have been strengthened with Penoxal—its composition. It was pricy but I was so desperate and exhausted due to the constant pain that I placed an order at my pharmacy. Within one week of starting the treatment the herpes disappeared entirely. It didn’t even leave a scar although the herpes was very deep and I was getting treated for it for many years. This was in November 2020. A year later, my body had no herpes. And furthermore, while I was taking Penoxal I felt energised and full of vigour. I’m sure the readers can make their own conclusions.

Good health to all, Eliska.

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