Ema B. – endometriosis

At the age of twelve I had ovarian cysts for the first time in my life. My belly was bloated with 48 hours of terrible convulsions. The doctor called it normal and gave me ibalgin. From time to time I was out of school for few das. I was told to take contraception against cysts so I tried that when I was 16 and the cysts really disappeared. Unfortunately I started to suffer elsewhere specifically with very frequent inflammation of the bladder. I realized I was taking antibiotics six times a year and my doctor did not do anything about it but I had an inflammation everywhere. Even the change of doctor did not bring any improvement. So I learned how to live with it, I drank about 5 liters of water a day and managed the disease with absolute prevention (I used the “antibiotic” once a year).

At the age of 22, I decided to drop the contraceptive. For a few months, everything was fine, then it came again – cysts and cramps and pains, that is, according to my experience. But the new doctor just smiled that I was probably sensitive to pain, so I took analgesics again and lay down there for a few days … at least once a quarter or once a month. And then it started to happen that it’s funny while studying, but I’m not going to be enthusiastic at work. Again I changed my doctor and finally did not leave me and a little frightened. At that time I had already about seven cysts on both ovaries every move hurted and every month for three or four days I was on tears – with the feeling that it’s just a painful ovulation and I get used to it.

Operations after operation
Unfortunately before the new doctor got to check me bit more (“you’re young, I will see you in 3 months”) the pain was so big that after a long time I went to emergency room with my stomach. There I was immediately hospitalized for having a lot of inflammation in my body according to my blood. Values were even worse the next day so they operated me for the first time.

Previously I lived with various limitations but it wasn´t that bad but after surgery there was nothing. I only walked bent over. The weeks were running fast and my condition did not improve. No one understood what was wrong with me. Second operation was removal of damaged fallopian tubes. I still had no reasonable diagnosis beside “chronic inflammation of both ovaries and oviducts”. taking dozens of antibiotics. And chances for family life were getting smaller.

My condition was desperate I could not even sit without pain. I stopped going to school and left the job. My parents and a boyfriend were financially supporting me. Plus there were enormous expenses for any alternative treatment. Some of them helped some didn´t. After analyzing my removed cysts they diagnosed me with endometriosis. I was prescribed with various hormonal treatments and was taking other and other antibiotics because I was having upper respiratory tract inflammation. I could not sleep, I could not eat. Bathing and little exercise by Ms. Moses helped a little but still wasn´t able to work.

And then my grandmother who I thank very much sent me a link to Penoxal website. Flu and angina have disappeared after only a month. After another month the stomach pains finally subsided. After nearly two years of operations and hospitals I took a holiday to the sea with my boyfriend after three-month use of Penoxal. When I got back I found a full-time job. I take Penoxal all the time and with small breaks it will be a year. My digestion got better too and I can normally travel. In the spring I ran half-marathon and in the summer I might have finally done my degree examinations. Although the blood analysis of removed cysts confirmed the endometriosis but I do not take any hormones just 4 capsules of Penoxal for immunity and everything works as it should.

What does that mean? Be aware of yourself, do not get scared because of your test results or examinations. Believe that if immunity is right and you feel good everything else get better too.

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