Daniela T. – Endometriosis

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always had a sensitive stomach. As soon as I felt pain somewhere, I began having intestinal problems. In 2015, I underwent a laparoscopy for pain in the lower abdomen, which revealed endometriosis. The states of good condition alternated with states of pain, leading to me receiving my first hormones making a mass in my body. Thanks to changing my gynaecologist, we have successfully managed to solve these problems. I thought I had solved the issue of endometriosis. However, the problems returned to a much greater extent in 2019. Heavy, painful menstruation wasn’t treated with medication, intestinal problems, swollen abdomen, pain, and bleeding outside the cycle, not even mentioning the pain in my legs whereby I wasn’t able to go up the stairs.

I felt completely exhausted; I had no strength or energy for anything. When the problems still hadn’t stopped after a year, I underwent an examination that confirmed endometriosis with intestinal growths. On the one hand, it was a relief because we’d finally found the cause of my problems, but on the other hand, I preferred not to take hormones, mainly due to my previous experience. And surgery is not exactly my preferred solution. For this reason, I opened the Internet and started researching what natural products could help me. I’d never heard of Penoxal; it was completely new to me. But on that day, every page seemed to mention it. Despite the high price, I decided to try it; due to the positive responses convincing me. Now I have used one package.

Menstruation is much weaker now, less painful; I stopped having leg pains, for which I’m very grateful. I’m looking forward to curing the abdominal pain, but I know it will take some time. Thank you for this product. And I’m looking forward to the changes it will bring to my problems.

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