Diana P. – gynaecological issues

If you’ve ever suffered from them, then you know how restrictive and unpleasant they can be. I’ve tried many salves, suppositories, antibiotics, and prescription drugs. Nothing worked for long. My issues kept coming back on a monthly basis. I tried changing my diet, eliminating sweets and observing the candida diet, but had to go back to regular food after a few weeks because I’d lost a lot of weight. As prescription drugs weren’t all that effective for me, I began looking for a natural treatment, using various herbal teas and tinctures but nothing helped me for long.

Online, I stumbled upon Penoxal. I had hesitated to buy it for a long time due to the high price. In the end I placed an order, hoping the supplement would help. I used 2 tablets a day. During the treatment I didn’t suffer from any issues which persuaded me to buy a second pack. Once I finished the second pack, I discovered that I was pregnant at last.Currently, I’m nursing but plan to start taking Penoxal once my baby weans off. I recommended the supplement to my mother who is currently undergoing cancer treatment. I trust it will relieve her from the unpleasant side effects of chemotherapy. I can warmly recommend Penoxal to any woman who suffers from long-term gynaecological issues and hasn’t yet found a suitable solution. The only thing I regret is not having learned about Penoxal sooner.

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