Boosting employee’s immune system

During risky periods of the year (autumn, winter, spring), doctors’ waiting rooms are often literally over crowded. Many people suffer from a weakened immune system so they get sick with flu, tonsillitis, upper respiratory tract infection and so on. Only few patients follow doctor’s advice – stay in bed and “sweat out” and they go back to work with the disease. They are concerned not only about financial loss, but often even about the reaction of their colleagues because they have to fill in or their career growth might slow down. Not treating the illness and staying at work during the acute period of the illness increases the possibility of complications so it extends the time needed to cure and represents a higher risk of transmission to other employees.

Most employees do not appreciate such irresponsible behaviour of their colleagues and become worried. The negative effects of the sickness rate have an impact not only on team members’ relationships, as a last resort an employee has to be replaced or an appropriate cover for the sick person needs to be found, but most of all it has an impact on the company’s economy. Financial losses, caused by employees being sick, are relatively high. Employers more and more often solve this problem by providing financial benefits to buy vitamins, sessions in a sauna or a salt cave or by giving these benefits directly as a bonus or a reward.

Employees and weakened immune system

The immune system is a vital component of the human organism, which makes it possible to live in an unsterile environment, confront the impacts of hostile microorganisms and prevent diseases. Today’s fast paced lifestyle, too much stress at work, unhealthy and irregular diet, low quality of food, sedentary work and polluted environment weaken the immune system. Weakened immune system is more susceptible to many diseases and every disease represents a burden for the body. If we do get sick, it is important to take measures immediately and start strengthening the immune system to prevent larger damage or transition of a disorder to chronic stages.

Prevention at work

When the immunity is weakened and illnesses occur frequently, the most important is to prevent further damage to the immune system. At first place the diet should be improved – it is not a well known fact that sugar and refined wheat in pies, biscuits and cakes suppress the immune system, and what’s more, frequent consumption of these products contributes to the development of fungus and growth of yeast cells in the body (most often of a genus Candida), which are hard to cure. Healthy food with enough vitamins and minerals in a natural form from fruits and vegetables are the best to boost the immunity. However, it can be difficult nowadays to put together the right cocktail so the easiest way to boost immunity is to use natural food supplements, which will sufficiently strengthen the immune system especially during seasons of flu and cold. As well, we can help to boost the immune system by regular cold showers, adequate fluid intake, outdoor exercise, quality sleep and most importantly we should focus on our well-being and laugh a lot.

The appropriate support that leads to a lower rate of sick employees is a natural food supplement with immune system boosting effects. A natural product that strengthens the immune system and has antioxidant effects optimises white blood cells functioning and that is how it assures protection against unwanted effects of free radicals (caused by stress for example). Boosting the immune system shortens the time necessary to cure an illness or the time a disease lasts and it contributes to an overall regeneration and positive mind.

How does Penoxal help with weakened immunity?

Penoxal is a natural food supplement containing a unique patented substance called Biocol and its positive effect on the immune system is accentuated by vitamin C. Penoxal promotes primarily B and T-cells – white blood cells responsible for the immune response, it regulates death of the damaged or diseased cells, it helps a healthy functioning of the digestive tract, it alleviates symptoms of many diseases, it harmonises the entire body and thus contributes to the overall well-being. It interferes with no other medications and when used on a long-term basis, it demonstrates no toxic or other negative effects. M.D. Anna GalambosPharm.Dr. Thomas Arndt and other doctors confirm in their statements about Penoxal that it is suitable food supplement to boost the weakened immunity. Find out more about Penoxal users experience HERE.

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