Colon Polyps

Colon polyps indicate a protrusion of the mucosa which may have a cancerous or a non-cancerous character. Age has a vast influence on the onset and development of polyps. Below 30 years of age polyps occur only rarely, but with increasing age the risk of disease rises as well as the number and the size of polyps. The larger the number and the size, the higher the risk of developing a polyp into a malignant tumor. It is therefore very important to prevent and monitor polyps and their timely removal. Colon polyps are tricky due to their asymptomatic growth.

Risk factors of colon polyps

Research studies show a direct correlation between the onset of colon polyps and diet. The highest risk factors in terms of food are fatty red meat and animal fat. Beef, pork and venison cause excess elimination of bile acid which promotes the growth of polyps. Fish and skinless chicken have the opposite effect which protects the intestinal mucosa. Considerably a greater risk of developing polyps is in obese people, regular beer drinkers, smokers, and also in people with the weak immune system. Polyps often occur as a result of low fibre and some vitamins in diet (e.g. calcium).

Signs and symptoms of colon polyps

The presence of colon polyps is asymptomatic; it can only be detected after a stool examination. The positive sign is a so called occult or hidden bleeding. Everybody above 50 should undergo a regular medical examination. Even though colon polyps are mainly asymptomatic, bleeding outside the stool may be seen, particularly in polyps located near anus.

Preventing colon polyps

Healthy diet is essential in the prevention of polyps. Diet should include fish and poultry, fruit and vegetables, and enough vitamins and minerals; conversely, it should exclude excess consumption of red meat and animal fat. A major threat for colon is alcohol and smoking, but also carcinogens contained in mouldy food. High fibre food regulates the colon activity and thus helps to prevent polyps. Regular and adequate fluid intake has a positive effect on the colon; its consumption increases during high temperatures and increased physical activity, moreover, a strong immune system copes better with the risk factors.

Treatment of colon polyps

The colon polyp diagnosis and treatment is conducted via colonoscopy. It uses a flexible optical device which enables to examine the colon mucosa via the rectum, or to perform a treatment procedure if needed. Although the colon examination is uncomfortable for everybody, it is less of a burden than neglected polyps and a subsequent onset of colon cancer, which may also be caused by the weak immune system. That is why it is appropriate to boost immunity using a natural food supplement.

Impact of the immune system on colon polyps

If the immune system is weak, minor problems become more significant or even chronic, therefore the immunity should be promoted at a very first detection of polyps. Natural food supplements to boost immunity can thus stop the potential tumor growth and ease the course of the treatment. If consumption of red meat, alcohol and low fibre food cannot be avoided as these are the main risk factors, the immunity should be cared for and boosted regularly.

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