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Jodie Biggin

Hello, In the spring my husband and my son (10) had a disease caused by chlamydia in the lungs (14 days on ABX). However, they are both a bit under the weather, have fatigue, are prone to other infections (diarrhoea, son had fever too). I know that chlamydia can survive in the body in a latent form and with time it can eventually cause a severe illness. I would like to know whether it is ok to use Penoxal for after-treatment and to boost immunity. Ten years ago, my husband also suffered papillary thyroid carcinoma and he has had regular health checks since (on Letrox), so I think this is why his immunity is reduced. Thank you      

Dear Mrs. Biggin, if the body struggles to eliminate chlamydia or other viruses, this is possibly due to a very weak immunity. By boosting the immune system the problem can be solved. Penoxal is thus appropriate in your case. It interferes with no medications, because it is natural and this is its advantage. Best wishes. 


Hello, is this product effective for type 2 diabetes? I inject insulin and I was switched to other drugs, but those had some severe negative effects.

Dear Marie,
Penoxal has the same effects in type 2 diabetes as in a healthy person. Because it is a natural food supplement, you may use it in this case too. Kind regards.


I suspect mastocytosis, but the blood count is not entirely conclusive. Would Penoxal help? If yes, what dosage and how long for? Thanks for your answer.

Penoxal is suitable for skin conditions that may be caused by the immune disorder. The dosage depends on the stage of the disease, the lowest recommended is 2x50mg or 1x100mg daily, the highest is 4x50mg or 2x100mg daily. The treatment should last for at least three months, then discontinue for a month, so the body learns to function without any help, and then re-start as required. Best wishes.

Mickey Leys

My immune system is weak, I suffer from frequent flu and colds and bronchitis. What would you recommend and why?

Dear Mickey,
A weak immune system can be the cause of your health problems, so it needs some boost. In your case Penoxal can be used in a daily dose of 2x50mg or 1x100mg for the minimum of two months, ideally for three. Of course, you should keep your lifestyle healthy and avoid burdening your body with antibiotics. Best wishes.


Hello, I have a question on whether Penoxal can be used as prevention and to boost immunity, and from what age, even though I have no health problems. Thank you.

Dear Peter, Penoxal is suitable as a form of prevention, because nowadays our immune system is affected by many risk factors; we are more susceptible to many diseases. Boosting the immunity should be a common part of our healthy lifestyle, even more so if a disease strikes. 1-2 50mg tablets should be used daily as prevention. Penoxal is suitable for children and we recommend it to children aged 3 years and above. Best wishes.   


Hello, I am thinking about boosting my immunity. I have a congenital disorder of blood-formation – thrombophilia – and I use Warfarin. I cannot take Wobenzym, but what about Penoxal? The medical studies mention GESAVIT not Penoxal. Thank you.

I would suggest you contact your GP who could prescribe a safer Pradax apart from Warfarin. The current use of Warfarin and Penoxal could not be effective. Warfarin reduces the number of platelets, whereas Biocol produces them. Pradax works differently.