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Gynecological diseases

Jane – Chronic pain in lower abdomen
Since 2016, after I gave spontaneous birth twice, I became aware of a pain in my lower abdomen, appearing and disappearing again all of a sudden.

Diana – gynaecological issues
I can warmly recommend Penoxal to any woman who suffers from long-term gynaecological issues and hasn’t yet found a suitable solution.

Carolina – ovary inflammation
I was pregnant and suffered from constant gynaecological issues—urinary infections, ovary inflammation, and finally ovarian cysts.

Susan - breast infection and strengthening the immunity
A few days before I managed to find a good product, I got a severe breast infection.

Mira - endometriosis
I decided to go to a different doctor who ended up diagnosing me with endometriosis.

Guler Araz, Germany - HPV virus and endometriosis
However, the HPV I was diagnosed with at a physical exam was much worse for me.

Danielle - Endometriosis
In 2015, I underwent a laparoscopy for pain in the lower abdomen, which revealed endometriosis.

Veronika Musilova, Czechia - Endometriosis
I have been struggling with weakened immunity and a disease called endometriosis for many years. 

Denisa Pokorna , Czechia - HPV virus
They found severe changes in the cervix caused by HPV virus during a routine gynaecological examination.

Kamila Buryanova, Czechia - endometriosis
In May I was in surgery, and there also endometriosis was confirmed. Its bearings were scattered on organs in stomach.

Irena Schneider - Urinary tract inflammations
I was thinking too much about the loss and therefore health problems began to appear, especially recurrent urinary tract inflammations and gynaecological problems.

Teresa – HPV infection
Constant gynecological discharge, abnormal vaginal bleeding between periods and abdominal pain forced me to see a gynecologist. 14 days After a variety of vaginal swabs and blood sampling the result was almost clear. Suspected HPV virus.

paní Ester

Ema Bietl – endometriosis
At the age of twelve I had ovarian cysts for the first time in my life.My belly was bloated with 48 hours of terrible convulsions. The doctor called it normal and gave me ibalgin. From time to time I was out of school for few das.

paní Ester

Lindsay, 70 years - cystitis
At the time I dealt with cystitis almost four months. Sometimes I used to have a pain in the kidney area. I hate to solve medical problems through the physician and I stubbornly was looking for various alternatives.

paní Ester

Jane McKenzie, 26 years - urinary infection
My name is Jane and I would like to share my experience with a long-term fight against urinary infection which quickly became chronic. Unfortunately, the conventional medicine did not help so I had to choose an alternative way.

paní Ester

Esther, 45 years - thyroid cancer
During the three months just before the next biopsy my daughter had enlarged lymph nodes and her cervical nodules were painful. Results of the repeated thyroid biopsy and the nodes were found to be positive.

Jana Janečková

Jenny Lane, 29 years - endometriosis
In the winter 2015 after giving a normal childbirth I opted for a non-hormonal IUD. In about 6 months after its insertion, I began to suffer excruciating pain in the lower abdomen, low back and joints. The pain became excruciating even more so during sex.


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