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M.D. Josef Reindl

In my analysis I focused on the evaluation of Penoxal 50, namely on 2 aspects, the preventative dose (maintenance) and the treatment dose (combative).

Users in total: 44

GIT : Functional problems without an organic cause / constipations, bloating / - 8

Precancerous cells confirmed by an enterologist / polyps, diverticulosis, ulcerative colitis / - 5

Postoperative condition of colon including malignancies and adjuvant therapy – 3


Breast: Functional condition of the mammary gland / mastodynia, mastopathy / - 11


Cervix + vagina: Inflammations + suspected HPV - 6


Prostate: Urology referral re. benign prostate hyperplasia - 2

Postoperative conditions of malignancies + adjuvant therapy - 4

Boost of the immune system after recurrent inflammations - 5


The preparation was prescribed as a preventative dose of Penoxal 50 1 tbl every other day, later 1 tbl daily, approx. 2 packages – 25 patients, or in stressful situations to boost the immune system and along with the primary treatment in a dose of 2x1 up to 3x1 -19 patients.


  • In functional and inflammatory conditions, there was a clear elimination or reduction of the problems that were confirmed during objective assessments / follow-up colposcopy, cytology, breast sonography, PSA reduction.
  • In severe conditions / malignancies, there was a marked improvement of a subjective feeling of being healthy; awaiting the results of objective assessments.


HP, HSV, endometriosis, immunity-related causes of sterility, inflammations, and skin disorders.


Penoxal 50 is an excellent complementary product for inflammatory conditions, functional GIT problems, precancerous cells of various organs, or as a supplement therapy for malignancies. Its impact has definitely convinced me of its effectiveness.

M.D. Josef Reindl
Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics
nám. Republiky 53/27
301 00 Pilsen 1