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  • Supports immunity
    by the stimulation of B and T lymphocytes
  • Eases
    the negative side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy
  • Helps
    proper function of the gastrointestinal tract, kidney, liver
  • Contributes
    to the detoxication
  • Often used to help
    treat gynecological and gastrointestinal problems

Amazon reviews

Firstly , I would just like to say these capsules are very small and easy to take .In the picture they look like enormous hard vitamins , but they aren't .I was pleasantly surprised to find they are compact,easy to swallow brown capsules .
From early December I became ill , it felt like the flu but it got worse and worse .I had had the flu jab as I'm 63 with multiple health conditions , but it did nothing to ward off this attack that put me in bed for a month .I went to the doctor 3 times as she could see I was very poorly and started me on a very strong course of anti biotics ,as she was afraid of sepsis .The anti biotics did nothing .She told me to come in when I vomited up the second lot of anti biotics .At the final visit she changed my reflux medication ,saying it may be that ?! I went online and found Penoxal - thank God is all I can say .My chest was wheezing and crackling so much the dog would run out of the room .I couldn't get rid of a cough ,I found I was so tired I couldn't get out of bed - and there was no end in sight .As soon as the capsules came I took them , 4 a day .I am finally cough free , crackle free , I am out and about .If the price of these pills is off putting , nothing is worth more than your health .They helped me - they may help you .
very good ! It help me to get better immunity, It's works.