Paula got rid of inflamed nodes and pointless antibiotics

Paula (immunity boost)

Inflammation in the body and antibiotics

About 15 years ago I started having problems with lymph nodes in my throat; they were often enlarged. I often felt very tired, weak and lethargic. Medical examinations showed inflammation in the body. Doctors always opted for antibiotics, but the problem remained.

Body re-charge

2 years ago the endocrinology department referred me for fine-needle aspiration, but I did not go because of fear. Then I started using Penoxal. I took it for 4 days when I felt even worse – the nodules got larger and I felt pressure rising in my throat. I called a doctor, but he was on holiday, so I made an appointment at the ENT department of the Central Hospital. I discontinued Penoxal and within a few days the problems disappeared and I felt better. The follow-up assessment at the ENT found nothing, my nodes got smaller. Since then I have used no antibiotics, I feel great and have no problems with my lymph nodes. I think my immune system only needed a boost to start working properly.