1. How to order on website Penoxal

  •     Click on the top of the page in the menu on the "E-SHOP"
  •     Choose from our range of products Penoxal 50mg or 100mg and click them


2. This will present you detailed information about the product

  •     Now you can choose how many capsules (box contents) you wish to order 30pc, 60pc or 120pc
  •     Choose the number of pieces of boxes either using symbols +/- or by inserting the desired number in the box
  •     Click on "ADD TO CART"
  •     Information appears when you insert products into baskets, where you can proceed to checkout by pressing the button "CHECKOUT" or "VIEW CART"
  •     Alternatively, any time you can click on the symbol at the top of the basket and click on "CHECKOUT"
  •     Here follow the instructions shopping cart
  •     In the 2. step, fill in personal data, where the goods will be delivered, possibly separate billing and shipping address
  •     In the 3. step, select the mode of transport
  •     In the 4. step, select a payment method and accept the terms and conditions with checkbox and confirm the order with the button "SUBMIT MY ORDER"
  •     You will then receive an e-mail listed in the contact information of the order fulfillment and shipping