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Mrs. Muller

Hello, I would like to ask whether it is possible that tonsillitis continually returns. Last year I was ill every week and took antibiotics, on the last follow-up at a hospital I was recommended a removal of my tonsils as I have abscesses on them. What does it mean for me to get my tonsils removed? Thanks for your answer.

Dear Mrs. Muller,
Tonsils are usually removed due to recurrent tonsillitis. However, this method not always provides a solution if your immune system is weak. Pathogens will find another way to attack even with the missing tonsils. If you used antibiotics repeatedly, your body suffered even more so. Hence we recommend boosting your immunity, take 2x50mg or 1x100mg of Penoxal capsules daily for three to four months. Kind regards.

Kiara Flamik

Hello, I am thinking about buying Penoxal. I have hypertension, high cholesterol, frequent shingles/vaccinated/tonsil abscesses. Reduced thyroid function – Letrox already discontinued. Can you recommend your product? Thank you.

Dear Kiara,
Due to its beneficial effects on the immune system I would recommend our product. Kind regards.