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Sona got rid of atopic eczema, her daughter a recurrent flu

Sona Grigoryan – Athens, Greece (atopic eczema, weak immunity)

First time I discovered the product it was called Biocol. My mother used it and she recommended it to my son to boost his immunity. I started using Penoxal for my atopic eczema which disappeared completely within several months.

When my daughter was 2, she suffered from recurrent respiratory infections and took antibiotics. When she was 3, I started giving her Penoxal to promote her immunity. Because she was unable to swallow tablets I would dissolve the pill in milk or water. Her immunity improved and she no longer needed antibiotics. We continue using Penoxal and are more than happy with it. 

Skin problems

I found out about Penoxal from my mum six years ago. She recommended it as my son was ill a lot and we wanted him to better manage diseases. So my son started using it first. Then I started using it for my skin problems. Doctors said my immunity was weak, but the condition was not contagious. In 4 months on Penoxal my skin problems have disappeared for some reason.

Recurrent flu

After some time even my daughter got ill, we would visit a GP very often; she suffered from flu, colds and coughs. Her doctor always prescribed antibiotics and within a week or two she recovered, but the illness returned after a while. My brother reminded me of Penoxal, so my daughter took it too. I would always dissolve the capsule in water or milk. It had no flavour, but a lovely pink colour, so my daughter did not mind it. In about 4 months I noticed it was helping, she was not ill anymore and the winter season went without any illness or visits to the GP’s. My daughter took a 50 mg capsule once a day, and as she was unable to swallow, it was easier to dissolve it in water or milk. The product dissolved instantly, and she would have the entire capsule during the day. I recommended Penoxal to my friends with children. Although they had no health problems, they started using it preventatively to boost the immune system as it can prevent many diseases. My friend is happy, because her child is healthy, and everyone around is happy too.