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Problems with cystitis have led Irena on a different path

Irena Hale 59 years

(Subacute and chronic vulvitis, chronic vulvodynia - lichen scler. et atroph., chronic cystitis)

In January 2011 I was invited to a gynaecology department to get results of cervical cytology tests (4 months ago they were very bad). In February 2011 I underwent conisation of the cervix. I suffered infection after the intervention which is quite common. However, severe pain of the vaginal wall and unhealed necrotic wounds on the labia are not that common. My sexual life has ended as it was impossible and unbearable. I have occasional pain in the lower abdomen, frequent flatulence, lower back pain, and a mild urinary incontinence which has been addressed for some time by my urologist. Urinary tract infection is now a common illness.

Urinary tract infection also called cystitis affects mainly us women, but even men can be affected. I was surprised that many older women have this gynaecological problem. The pain became so unbearable that I was unable to have sex. All results were normal, but gradually, a severe infection developed. Because I had no vaginal discharge, which is still the case, my gynaecologist ruled out the possibility of severe infection. Gradually, my hearing got impaired due to a sticky fluid leakage from my ear. My ENT doctor diagnosed 30% deafness despite the unknown cause, and everything else regarding my ears seemed fine. I also had colonoscopy which detected a colon polyp.

Later on, my life got complicated by the unhealed necrotic wound on labia. The wound became red and weeping. Unfortunately, a woman cannot avoid sweating and complications at this stage when having a mild urinary incontinence or damp parts, particularly during the summer months and with a sedentary job. The fragile, paper-thin skin with signs of lichen gradually began to itch and burn, then tears appeared that got inflamed and oozing. I was woken up at night by sharp pain in the genital area. From there it spread to my clitoris. Unfortunately, even today the exact cause is unknown.

Vulvodynia is a condition associated with chronic unexplained pain in the area of vulva (external female genital). It often occurs with no apparent pathology and its cause has not been understood. It may link to a certain activity (see symptoms). In practice, we commonly find vestibulitis which refers to pain affecting vulvar region, and it may spread to clitoris.

Treatment: pharmacological and non-pharmacological methods can be used, but due to the variety of symptoms, no single treatment of vulvodynia exists.

Vulvodynia, pain in the external female genital – signs and symptoms

  • Pain in the vulvar region – external female genital
  • Local burning, stinging, irritation
  • Sometimes sharp pain “shooting” to vagina
  • Labia are also sensitive
  • Pain may be consistent or only on touch, during sex, while inserting tampons, riding a horse/bicycle, sitting on a chair
  • Pain may persist for several years

All these symptoms affect me daily. Pain is often so severe that I cannot sit comfortably on a chair. It was an endless cluster of visits to doctors’ and similarly hopeless outcomes awaited me. The only possible solution was a surgical removal of the area affected. Gynaecologists told me this disease could not be cured, and its only solution involved a surgical removal of labia, clitoris or the entire vagina. Although it is not a malignant disease, its consequences tend to be serious, and along with any intervention to this tissue, there is a risk of incomplete recovery. The extent of injury to my organ was unusually large and severe. Burning and weeping wounds appeared on my genital, that would not heal, and some changes to the mucosa occurred. No procedure has been done so far as regarding my age it would be a major interference to my life, and I refuse to undergo such thing, because a woman is affected for the rest of her life. In relation to this diagnosis, love relationships usually end including the woman’s sexual life. The unchangeable condition is for life, and gradually along the years, I have suffered great pain and complications. Over the last year I used five sets of antibiotics and tried several types of creams and ointments. After four years and thanks to doctors the tissue is slowly recovering, new tears are starting to granulate. These changes are progressing relatively slowly, suggesting it will be years rather than weeks and months.

A month ago, my doctor introduced Penoxal as a food supplement. I started using 50 mg capsules 3x daily. Due to its effects that include strengthening of the immune system, the use of Penoxal is appropriate in this case.

A disease is always linked to a weak immune system. As it may progress to a chronic and more severe condition, it is important to boost immunity, as in a case of urinary tract infection. The immune system boost acts as prevention when on antibiotics that make the immunity weak! I have experienced this myself after taking various antibiotics in one year.

A month after taking Penoxal I started feeling a relief. I noticed that my wounds so difficult to heal have stopped weeping, and so the pain was reduced and I suffered less. I continue taking Penoxal and I can say the pain is subsiding. I can sit on a chair again like a normal person.


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How does Penoxal help in cystitis?

Penoxal aids an easier and faster recovery as it promotes immunity and thus reduces a risk of developing the disease; it balances the internal environment and it harmonizes the reproductive organ activity. M.D. Anna GalambosPharm.Dr. Thomas Arndt and other doctors confirm in their statements about Penoxal that it is suitable food supplement to complement gynecological treatments. Find out more about Penoxal users experience HERE