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The irritable bowel has been harassing Alan for many years

by Admin Penoxal

It all started years ago when I suffered daily diarrhea, which was repeated even 10 times a day. Diarrhea was always accompanied by up to two decilitres of blood in the stool. Spasms and anorexia were also on a daily basis and rapid weight loss followed.

I started to visit my doctor but he could not help me so I was referred to the bigger hospital in our county. After several colonoscopies, there was no conclusion and the treatment did not work. Again, I was referred to another hospital where a 4 times colonoscopy, magnetic resonance, stool collection, 50x blood collection, urine, intestinal sampling, stomach, etc. were done over 2 years. In addition to intestinal problems my gums and lips started to swell until they cracked and bled. The dental visits did not help and only stated that it was an allergic reaction. Incidentally, within one year, I was hospitalized 3 times due to swelling of my neck, gums and lips. Antibiotic and corticosteroids treatment followed but without success.

The only result was that they could not help me and only corticoids could be used, but they did not recommend it and they sent me to another medical center. Over the next few years I repeatedly underwent a complete examination at an allergologist but again I only received a recommendation to the Military Hospital. Of course during this time it was not possible to leave my home without drugs for diarrhea or other medicines. I only survived business travel with the medications for gastrointestinal diseases.

How do you think my organism look like after being treated 3-years continuously with gastrointestinal products and corticoids? After my visit to General hospital I was recommended to have another colonoscopy and prescribed calcium tablets which I had taken earlier. I tried everything, bunch of vitamins, Aloe Vera, Lepicol, etc. but intestinal and allergic problems along with diarrhea drugs usage continued.

A change had to come. At the recommendation of a well-known nutritionist I started ketogenic diet and I bought 90 Penoxal tablets despite the fact that I did not trust the product much. After 2 weeks I did not feel any change so I increased my daily dose from two to three tablets. However after I used up the whole package the results came. I have a regular stool, no cramps, I gained weight after years and I can work normally. I do not know if the diet has some effect on it but I've also discarded milk, simple sugars and coca cola. It all works together. My diagnosis is irritable colon, autoimmune disease with food allergy. Make sure to try the product.

Information about the article:

The story outlined is true and it was written by Alan. Should you wish to discuss anything with Alan, let us know and we will forward his contact details that are strictly for the use of your query; public distribution or handing over to other persons is not allowed. We wish you all good health.

What is the use of Penoxal in Irritable bowel syndrome?

Apart from its positive effect on the body defence mechanism Penoxal aids a healthy functioning of the digestive tract which is reflected in a healthy immune system. It promotes an optimal health of intestinal microflora. It has a positive effect on the bowel movement, which may be utilised in treatments of many diseases that lead to disruption of intestinal wall, and thus increase the risk of developing a more serious disease. Positive effects of Penoxal on digestion demonstrate that the stomach and digestive system are healthyM.D. Anna GalambosPharm.Dr. Thomas Arndt and other doctors confirm in their statements about Penoxal that it is suitable food  supplement to complement gastroenterological treatments. Find out more about Penoxal users experience HERE

The HPV infection was preceded by problems with weak immunity

by Admin Penoxal

Hello, my name is Teresa and I would like to share a story with you about my health problems. I used a lot of drugs that helped but also produced side effects. I have always struggled with low immunity, sore throat, sick vocal cords, hives, colds. Still recurring colds. I tried to eat more fruits and vegetables. I did not avoid the various vitamin supplements but the result was´t that good. My doctor only treated me with antibiotics. They helped for a while but not really for a long time.

I slowly learned to live with the constant cold but gynecological problems came along if all these problems. Constant gynecological discharge, abnormal vaginal bleeding between periods and abdominal pain forced me to see a gynecologist. 14 days After a variety of vaginal swabs and blood sampling the result was almost clear. Suspected HPV infection. So again a series of examinations and the result confirmed the suspicion. It was really an HPV infection. There was an immediate antibiotic treatment. Because my immunity was constantly miserable and the HPV virus treatment is a long run I got a tip for the PENOXAL food supplement.

I found this product on the Internet and despite my initial skeptic judgment I ordered the product. The price seemed too big to me but now I do not regret investing the money. HPV infection slowly but surely disappears, immunity is getting stronger at great speed and my digestion was improved along with my gluten-free diet. I had digestive problems but I did not solve them. Now I feel really good. I haven't had a cold yet, the HPV infection is slowly disappearing, and digestion is as it should be in a healthy person. For me, PENOXAL is the best natural remedy that really helps and I only recommend.

Information about the article:

The story outlined is true and it was written by Teresa. Should you wish to discuss anything with Teresa, let us know and we will forward his contact details that are strictly for the use of your query; public distribution or handing over to other persons is not allowed. We wish you all good health.

How does Penoxal help in HPV infection?

Penoxal aids an easier and faster recovery as it promotes immunity and thus reduces a risk of developing the disease; it balances the internal environment and it harmonizes the reproductive organ activity. M.D. Anna GalambosPharm.Dr. Thomas Arndt and other doctors confirm in their statements about Penoxal that it is suitable food supplement to complement gynecological treatments. Find out more about Penoxal users experience HERE

Gynaecology and Obstetrics Outpatients - Penoxal study

by Admin Penoxal

Penoxal Study

(Gynaecology and Obstetrics Outpatients of MUDr. Zdeněk Vocásek, Jihoslovanská 465, Vrchlabí) 

Total number of 52 patients (precancerosis of cervix) – 30 of those presenting with ASC-US (Atypical Squamous Cells of Undetermined Significance) and 22 patients with LSIL (Low-grade Squamous Intraepithelial Lesion), they had used Penoxal for 4 months in a dose of 100 mg 1–0–1.   

Follow-up cytology results:

1st ASC-US group (Atypical Squamous Cells of Undetermined Significance)

30 patients in total – follow-up cytology in 4 months

- Negative: 19

- LSIL: 2

- ASC-US: 5

- HSIL followed by cervical conisation: 2

- 2 patients failed to attend the follow-up sampling


2nd LSIL group – (Low-grade Squamous Intraepithelial Lesion, precancerosis of cervix)

22 patients in total – follow-up cytology in 4 months

- Negative: 8

- LSIL: 8

- ASC-US: 2

- HSIL followed by cervical conisation: 2

- 2 patients failed to attend the follow-up sampling


Patient sample: 

They were female patients presenting with cellular changes on cervical cytology that fall under dysplastic cellular changes and require continuing health care. There were two types of changes – ASC-US and LSIL. 


Study results: 

We investigated whether Penoxal could promote the function of the immune system and lead to a regression found on cytology. 


Effects of Penoxal on changes to ASC-US:

2/3 of the sample showed negative results after the use of preparation, the half of the remaining third showed same results, less than 7% had other dysplastic changes requiring continuing health care, and the changes deteriorated in 7% of patients who needed a surgical intervention. Two patients had failed to attend the follow-up smear.


Effects of Penoxal on changes to LSIL:

In 1/3 of patients (36.4%) the changes had disappeared completely after the use of Penoxal, one third of cases (36.4%) showed no changes, 9% of patients demonstrated a different type of mild dysplasia requiring continuing health care, and changes had become worse in 9% of patients who showed precancerosis and required a surgical intervention.  In two cases the patients failed to attend the follow-up smear. 


Study conclusions after 4 months of Penoxal use

The overall evaluation suggests that taking Penoxal for four months is more beneficial for female patients presenting with ASC-US cellular changes, because up to 2/3 of the cases demonstrated a complete recovery when compared to female patients presenting with LSIL dysplastic changes, where only 1/3 of patients had negative findings. Both groups demonstrated deterioration to the same extent. Overall, we may propose that over a half of follow-up smear tests (51.9%) were negative in those who were taking Penoxal for 4 months due to dysplastic changes found on cytology. 


The study was conducted by MUDr. Eva Zahradníková who represents the clinic of MUDr. Zdeněk Vocásek (Senior Consultant).


In Vrchlabí, 13/8/2018

Borreliosis has caused joint and tendon pain to Peter

by Admin Penoxal

Borreliosis has caused joint and tendon pain to Peter 


In 2014 borreliosis was found in my blood, after being bitten by a tick and having the red lane around my belly. Acute and so-called memory-chronic. This means that in the past I had several ticks that infected me with borreliosis without knowing it. I had occasional joint and tendon pains which I handled with Dolgit cream but the relief was only temporary.

Even after using the antibiotic my tests showed increased  borrelia in my blood. The persistent problems forced me to look for some natural medicine without any side effects on the body.


After the detection of acute borreliosis I was treated with antibiotics which initially precipitated an acute borrelia to the borderline level but after that I was attracting ticks even more and during one year I had 10 of them. After next blood sampling I had an acute borreliosis again. From 2014 to 2017 I underwent 6 treatments of antibiotics. Over time my body became resistance to antibiotics and joint and tendon pains even increased during the last treatment.

I thought that only by strengthening the immune system would I start my body to defend itself. I searched the internet and found Penoxal which works on health without any side effects. By the end of 2017 I had Penoxal ordered and completed a four-month treatment course. About a month after taking Penoxal 4x50mg a day, the pain I had, mainly in the ankles and fingertips of my hands and legs began to recede. And that was without the pain medications I had to occasionally take.

In the spring of 2018, I underwent blood tests for borreliosis and the result for acute borreliosis was negative. But this year, from April to June I had 8 ticks, and symptoms of tendon pain, mostly in the lower limbs began to show up again. Because I had a good experience with using Penoxal I immediately ordered it again and I have been taking it for month and a half. Immediately after the first week of use I felt better and the tendon pain was gone.


I would recommend Penoxal to anyone with similar problems and I believe that using it will activate the immune system that will help reduce the level of borrelias. For me, Penoxal is certainly a more enjoyable solution without side effects than taking antibiotics which are already resistant to repeated use and also harming the beneficial bacteria.

Information about the article:

The story outlined is true and it was written by Peter. Should you wish to discuss anything with Peter, let us know and we will forward his contact details that are strictly for the use of your query; public distribution or handing over to other persons is not allowed. We wish you all good health.

Mr. Freeman was diagnosed with prostate cancer

by Admin Penoxal

Mr. Freeman was diagnosed with prostate cancer

My name is Al Freeman, I was born on February 20, 1963. It's been three years since I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I have an operation in which my tumor has been removed but I have not been that lucky. Radiotherapy and hormone therapy followed. It worked for a while but later my doctor prescribed the LHRH factor - Eligart because my condition was getting worse. After a few months it stopped working and the PSA rose to number 70. I underwent a testicle removal operation and because of the elimination of testosterone I am waiting for chemotherapy because the examination has found that the cancer is returning.

I bought Penoxal the most powerful package they sell. I started taking two capsules in the morning and two in the evening. I started to drop my PSA from 72 to 60 after ten days of use. My doctor which I informed about Penoxal just replied that PSA sometimes does it self but I believe it was because of Penoxal. Let's see what the results will be after month and a half. My breathing got better and and after a month I was able to climb any hill as I use to before. Emptying went to normal which was in poor condition after irradiation. I feel great and I have a lot of energy. I'm waiting for chemotherapy and I know that Penoxal will make this treatment easier.

Information about the article:

The story outlined is true and it was written by Al. Should you wish to discuss anything with Al, let us know and we will forward his contact details that are strictly for the use of your query; public distribution or handing over to other persons is not allowed. We wish you all good health.


Andrea Panayi got convinced by products of a natural character

by Admin Penoxal

Andrea Panayi got convinced by products of a natural character

I was diagnosed with an irritable colon at the age of 16. I have tried an quantum of different products and I have had so many examinations. At the age of forty I have already learned how to deal with this disease and I have found that for this kind of psychosomatic disease works better natural products more than anything chemical. I am taking the medication only to calm me down and for relieve the pain only when I the attack strikes and that is once or twice a month.

Unfortunately after a long-suffering intestinal infection I started having unreal problems that I could not get rid of, I could not work, go to work or for shopping because I had permanent cramps and my belly was bloated so my colleagues suspected that I'm pregnant.

I happen to have come across Penoxal when I was looking for help for my worsening problems. It had excellent reviews, recommendations from doctors and that made me convinced. I ordered it even though the price was quite high. I started with 4 capsules a day and I have to say that the third night since I started taking it I slept completely without spasms and various intestinal problems. I felt total relief and after a week the spasms completely disappeared. After a month of use I reduced the dosage to 2 x 50mg and it still works.

Sometimes a convulsion still appears but it is incomparable to what I experienced before I found Penoxal. I also have a flu experience which I got from my son when he brought it from school. I got the flu but it was so mild that I did not even have to stay at home and went to work. At that time I was taking Penoxal 4 capsules a day.

I definitely recommend the product and I am going to get the pack for my mom and my husband as a prevention.

Information about the article:

The story outlined is true and it was written by Andrea. Should you wish to discuss anything with Andrea, let us know and we will forward his contact details that are strictly for the use of your query; public distribution or handing over to other persons is not allowed. We wish you all good health.

Walter overcame colon cancer

by Admin Penoxal

At the beginning of 2017 I discovered blood in my stool. I thought it was hemorrhoids because I had these problems before. I bought an ointment and applied it for some time. Meanwhile I read an article about PENOXAL on the internet which can be used to prevent a variety of illnesses. I ordered it and started to take PENOXAL 50mg twice a day.

Because the problems did not persist I went to hospital for a medical exam. From there I was send for colonoscopy and diagnosed with malignant colon cancer. Since then I started to take 6 capsules of Penoxal a day. On 11 July I was operated and the operation went smoothly. After eight days I was released to home care.

After surgery I continued to use PENOXAL 6 capsules a day with the doctors consent . After 10 days I went to get checked and get the stitches removed . I was told that the histological finding was negative and that I probably would not have to undergo chemotherapy or radiation therapy. At the next hospital visit  I was told by the doctors that the above-mentioned solutions would not be necessary.  Only a person who has experienced something similar can understand my relief.

I am currently taking PENOXAL 50mg twice daily as a prevention. I know that PENOXAL is not a cure but its use can greatly alleviate the consequences of the disease. That's why I can recommend it to everyone.    

Information about the article:

The story outlined is true and it was written by Walter. Should you wish to discuss anything with Walter, let us know and we will forward his contact details that are strictly for the use of your query; public distribution or handing over to other persons is not allowed. We wish you all good health.

Urinary tract infection became chronic for Jane

by Admin Penoxal

Jane McKenzie, 26 years

My name is Jane and I would like to share my experience with a long-term fight against urinary infection which quickly became chronic. Unfortunately, the conventional medicine did not help so I had to choose an alternative way.

 How the urinary infection became chronic…

I have suffered urinary infections once in a while. In the past, a cup of urological tea, a warm blanket or cranberries were enough to get through. However, two years ago infection returned, but in a more severe form so I suffered more too. Gynecological problems forced me to visit a doctor. After the first assessment I was prescribed antibiotics for E. Coli bacteria detected in the urine. At the same time I followed all the necessary precautions – bed rest, staying warm and adhering to a strict fluid intake. Unfortunately, my condition did not improve even after this regime. The doctor prescribed another set of antibiotics. I felt slightly better while on them, but when they were finished, my condition returned.

So I was referred from the gynecology to a urology department and informed that the acute infection has reached chronic stage and that some patients hardly ever recover. I was prescribed other antibiotics even though my immunity was so weak, and later on I fell ill with streptococcus and then with tonsillitis.

 I was saved by choosing a natural way and discarding antibiotics…

Due to recurrent problems and overall body weakness I decided to visit a well-known healer nearby. She recommended some herbs as well as Penoxal 120/50mg to boost my immunity. She advised using natural products on a long-term basis to allow immunity strengthening in order to stop the problems returning. She also mentioned that by doing so the body will become recharged; she added her experience was very positive and she recommended the product to everybody. Today, I can confirm it really works. The chronic urinary infection subsided after a while via natural means and Penoxal. It has been a year now and I am happy I have not been ill since.

Urinary tract infection affects many women nowadays, so I am glad I can share my experience here and help at least some of you!

Information about the article:

The story outlined is true and it was written by Jane. Should you wish to discuss anything with Jane, let us know and we will forward his contact details that are strictly for the use of your query; public distribution or handing over to other persons is not allowed. We wish you all good health.


Body re-charge helped Helena to boost her health

by Admin Penoxal

Helena Lorenz - Karlsruhe, Germany (body regeneration)

Immunity inside out

I started taking Penoxal to test it, for a month as recommended by my friend. I took two capsules daily to re-charge my body and to boost my immune system. After just a week I felt my body and soul improving. I felt more resistant, stronger and calmer. Because I live quite a healthy life and do regular sports, I cannot say the difference was massive. The fact is that after a month I stopped taking Penoxal. That was a mistake. Inflammations and infections returned and I felt awful.

Penoxal as prevention 

I now take Penoxal again, having a larger package, I take 3 capsules daily. Within two weeks my illnesses receded, and it seems that even my skin has improved. I definitely recommend Penoxal, it brings results which are worth the price paid.

Dagmar coped with fatigue and a loss of appetite

by Admin Penoxal

Dagmar Seibert (thyroid disease)

In 2014 my thyroid was removed, but I continued to feel very tired. The next assessment revealed follicular lymphoma where the thyroid used to be. I underwent an operation followed by radiotherapy. I used Penoxal for the entire period and was very happy with it. Doctors were worried during the therapy that I would suffer from a loss of appetite and weight loss. But thanks to Penoxal my appetite was good and I felt good. For the next two years I am going to have the biological therapy and I intend to use Penoxal throughout.


Chemotherapy and biological therapy

I started using Penoxal after having problems with the thyroid which was removed due to its enlargement and a persistent fatigue. After the thyroid problems I was diagnosed follicular lymphoma, then chemotherapy followed, six cycles every three weeks, and now I continue with the biological therapy every two months for the next two years.


Health with Penoxal

I was on Penoxal twice daily throughout the chemotherapy and now I continue with it while on the biological therapy, but I take one tablet a day as prevention. During chemo I was a bit tired, but had no loss of appetite and I think I ate without any problems throughout. During chemo I fell ill only once as pneumonia cropped up nearby. I was ill during Christmas, but otherwise my health was good, and this was a success.


Evaluation and recommendations

My experience with Penoxal is very good, so I continue taking it. If anybody including my family fell ill, I would recommend Penoxal straight away. Consequences of chemo could have been worse without Penoxal, because most patients were sick, they lost appetite, and I was OK I think. My doctor was surprised I did not lose weight. I have always been slim, so my doctor worried that chemo would make me sick, it would have to be altered, diluted or repeated, but I managed well without any problems.



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