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Firstly , I would just like to say these capsules are very small and easy to take .In the picture they look like enormous hard vitamins , but they aren't .I was pleasantly surprised to find they are compact,easy to swallow brown capsules .
From early December I became ill , it felt like the flu but it got worse and worse .I had had the flu jab as I'm 63 with multiple health conditions , but it did nothing to ward off this attack that put me in bed for a month .I went to the doctor 3 times as she could see I was very poorly and started me on a very strong course of anti biotics ,as she was afraid of sepsis .The anti biotics did nothing .She told me to come in when I vomited up the second lot of anti biotics .At the final visit she changed my reflux medication ,saying it may be that ?! I went online and found Penoxal - thank God is all I can say .My chest was wheezing and crackling so much the dog would run out of the room .I couldn't get rid of a cough ,I found I was so tired I couldn't get out of bed - and there was no end in sight .As soon as the capsules came I took them , 4 a day .I am finally cough free , crackle free , I am out and about .If the price of these pills is off putting , nothing is worth more than your health .They helped me - they may help you .
very good ! It help me to get better immunity, It's works.
I am currently receiving chemotherapy for stage 3 ovarian cancer, I started taking Penoxal 5 weeks ago and I would highly recommend it to any patient who is receiving or recovering from chemotherapy I most definitely feel an improvement in how I feel. I have more energy, less tired and don't think about being ill....
Loren Taylor
It has good recommendations, just started using it and planning to buy for other family members to boost the immune system
Used for stomach problems and have certainly improved since taking these.
Penoxal was recommended to me by several written reports. The problems I experienced originate with imbalance in the gut. I hope the product will work to rebuild the flora. I expect it will be one of the key remedies.
Bit too early to say but I'm happy with the product and hope for great things!
I went to this product because my hair fell out - completely. GP specialists absolutely rubbish attitude being it is just cosmetic get over it.
I had seen reviews online saying it had helped some with hair loss. I have only been taking it a couple of months and no change in hair situation.
I have however seemed to have completely missed the autumn cold sniffles that I normally get ( just the one for the year normally) and I feel pretty bright eyed and bushy tailed in my self pretty much like I would normally do in the spring and summer. In short it appears to be a good boost.
Superb product. Amazing health benefits, especially for IBS.
My wife has now been taking this for the last 3 weeks and she is in a better, healthier state now, than she has in the last 10 years!
Thank you for a miracle!!!
Brilliant product. Had a serious chest infection and these have helped to build my immune system back up!
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