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Hello, I would like to ask something, I am currently having problems with endometriosis – my left ovary affected by the endometrial cyst was removed, I am 27, have no children yet – trying to conceive via IVF (this is my first problem with endometriosis, in the past I only had polycystic ovaries).  My query is: even after the operation I have had bad results CA125 and increased CRP, there are more cysts forming on my other ovary – it is functional so far, so I wanted to try Penoxal, but I am not sure if it is ok during pregnancy. Should we opt for another embryo transfer if possible? I do not know if Penoxal can be used during pregnancy, or before the transfer. Thank you.

Dear Monica,
Penoxal has not been tested in pregnant women; however, you may use it until your pregnancy is confirmed. Even one month of using Penoxal can have beneficial effects on your health and your immunity when fighting endometriosis. Using Penoxal prior to transfer should not be a problem. Best wishes.

Jamie P. 

Hello there, I would like to know whether Penoxal can help for my diagnosis of endometrial polyp. I refuse to go for an operation. Thanks very much. 

Yes, Penoxal is suitable in your diagnosis. By enhancing the immune system the body can naturally regenerate itself. Best wishes.



Hello, 2 years ago I underwent cervical conisation due to L-SIL and H-SIL finding, from biopsy: delineated 1st to 2nd grade (CIN I-II) squamous epithelial dysplasia. In 2 years that followed the cervical smear tests were negative. A month ago the follow-up found a sporadic L-SIL. I would like to know whether PENOXAL is suitable for me, in what dosage and how long for. Are there any other preventative steps appropriate in my case? Thank you.  

Dear Lucy,
Your message is about dysplasia of Low Grade Squamous Intraepithelial Lesion /L-SIL/. There are changes to the mucosa that may gradually progress to High Grade Squamous Intraepithelial Lesion /H-SIL/ and then to cancer. These changes are happening relatively slowly, over years rather than weeks or months. Anyhow, these changes must be reviewed, the time period is determined in the dispensary program which your doctor knows well.
I would recommend taking 3 capsules of Penoxal daily for 2 months, then discontinue for a month and re-start.