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Hello, is Penoxal OK to use for leaky gut?

Dear Jenny, 
Penoxal regulates the digestive system function, so its use is suitable even in the leaky gut. Best wishes. 


Hello, for several years my son who is 6 and a half has had problems, he is starting school in September, but he has had recurrent constipation and bowel incontinence, his diet is varied and high on fibre, he drinks, eats no sweets, drinks kefir and fruit juices, he has no allergy to gluten or lactose, his condition is getting worse rather than better, ultrasound screening is fine, I would like to make an appointment at a gastroenterology dept. for defecography, but not sure where to go or what the next steps should be.

Dear Lota, 
You should ask at your local hospital at a paediatric gastroenterology clinic or paediatric surgical clinic. A colon examination should be done, and regarding his age preferably X-ray – irrigoscopy. An organic colon impairment should be ruled out, particularly Hirschsprung’s disease. If it is ruled out, the diet should be altered to promote a regular bowel movement. Kind regards.

Hanna Diesl

Hello, I would like to know whether this product is suitable for me. For many years I have had atrophic gastritis with achlorhydria, multiple polyps and histology-confirmed metaplasia in the samples collected. Thank you for your answer. Dieslová

Dear Hanna,

Penoxal can be used for atrophic gastritis, but regular endoscopy reviews are necessary. If polyps are also present in the area of atrophic gastritis, they must be regularly examined by histology. Relatively often a carcinoid appears in the area of atrophic gastritis, which is a benign neoplasm of neuroendocrine cells of the stomach lining. This finding should be monitored closely. 


In July 2013 a tumour was removed from my urinary bladder – papillo Ca, histology non-verified. Since then I have had no relapse. I also have some minor problems with the colon – diverticulosis, a small polyp, gastric reflux disease, and glyc. tolerance disorder. The problems are minor. There is a family history of prostate Ca – my brother. My question is as follows – would Penoxal be suitable for me? In the past I occasionally took beta-glucans – Pleuramax. I am not treated at an oncology. Thank you.

Dear Jacob,
Given the papilloma finding in your bladder (papillo Ca would have to be histology-verified) and the colon polyps, Penoxal is suitable to use as a form of prevention from cancer. Both examples can be characterised as precancerous stages and require continuous endoscopy follow-ups (urinary bladder as well as the colon).