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Frequently asked questions

Is it safe to take Penoxal?

Yes. Penoxal is of a natural origin, it is entirely non-toxic to the body, and thus, it is impossible to overdose on it. It is not addictive, nor is it resistant to active substances; it has no side effects and does not interact with other medicines.

Does Penoxal interfere with the effectiveness of chemotherapy or radiotherapy?

No. Penoxal does not interfere with the chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment outcomes, contrarily, it may alleviate their adverse effects (e.g. sickness, diarrhoea, loss of appetite, fatigue,…).

Can Penoxal be taken even for diseases other than oncological?

Yes. We recommend Penoxal for diseases related to the weakened immune system as well as for the prevention of cancerous diseases (particularly in people with a higher genetic burden), where it optimises the body's ability to participate in self-defence reactions.

Can I take Penoxal together with other medications?

Yes, you can. Penoxal does not interfere with the effects of other concurrent medicinal products. br />

I suffer from diabetes. Can I use the product?

Yes. A content of maltodextrin, a compound of glucose molecule (simple sugar), is broken down slowly, which means that the blood sugar levels rise gradually, and that is why Penoxal is suitable even for the diabetics.

I have a diagnosis of coeliac disease (gluten sensitivity). Can I take Penoxal?

Yes. As opposed to other products that have maltodextrin made from wheat starch, we use cornstarch as it is naturally gluten free.

When should I start taking Penoxal – during the therapy (with adverse effects) or before the cancer therapystarts?

More significant effects are achieved when the product is taken before the therapy itself (as confirmed by preclinical studies), this is when Penoxal is able to slow down the growth of tumours, promote the programmed cell death and stimulate white blood cells to fight against the cancerous cells. However, its positive effects will also be reached when taking the product along with the therapy as it boosts an adequate functioning of the immune system.

How long can I use the product?

Our food supplements can be taken for an unlimited period of time, they cause no resistance to the active substance, and they are not addictive.

How many capsules should I take?

The recommended dose is stated here. If unsure, please contact us.

How and when should I take Penoxal?

We recommend taking Penoxal 30 minutes before meals in order to stimulate a faster absorption of the active substance. In higher doses, we recommend to split the dose, e.g. 2 capsules in the morning, 2 capsules in the evening, so the content of the active substance in blood remains stable, thus a continuous stimulation of the immune system is ensured.

Are there any artificial or chemical additives in Penoxal?

No. All ingredients used are on a natural basis, they do not contain any preservatives, colourings or chemical additives.

Are there any known side effects?

No. Penoxal is not associated with any side effects. In rare cases (most often in high doses) there may be diarrhoea or a stool discoloration. In this case it is appropriate to reduce the dose.

I do not like swallowing tablets, is there any other form?

Yes. Gelatine capsules of Penoxal act as a transport container for the active substance. You only need to open the capsule and mix its content into a small amount of water and drink it. The Penoxal active substance has no flavour.

How much is Penoxal?

The price for Penoxalis based on its content of active substance and the package size. In today's introduction prices - Penoxal 50mg - 30 capsules are 28 €, 60 capsules are 45 € and 120 capsules cost 78 €. Penoxal 100mg with 120 capsules is 144 €.

Can I collect the product in person?

For technical reasons it is impossible to collect in person. However, we plan to install some collection points in the near future.

Can I return the food supplement Penoxal?

It is possible to return the goods within 14 days from purchase, but the goods must be unopened and inside the intact package. In compliance with our sales terms and conditions it is only possible to make a complaint about the goods damaged during transport. Unfortunately, the product cannot be returned as unsuitable when unpacked and partly used.