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Experience with weakened immune systems

Vojteska – Pneumonia
My GP immediately sent me to have a lung X-ray. I was diagnosed with pneumonia and prescribed antibiotics. After I had finished taking the antibiotics, an issue was discovered.

Dusan – Immunity disorder
A horrible outlook—that is if you trust doctors and their views on “incurable, permanent diagnoses because there’s no cure for autoimmune disorders.”

Adela Downey - immune system and T-cells
I felt compelled to do my own research in to the effects of Penoxal on the immune system and on the preservation of T-cells.

George - weakened immunity
Immediately thereafter, a series of common colds resulted in angina. A little to my surprise in both cases they talked about a possible cause in weakened immunity.

Maria, 44 years - Lack of mucosal immunity
The immunologist confirmed to us that children lack mucosal immunity and that is why every bacillus overcomes them, which appears on the mucous membrane in the nose or throat. So they were prescribed different tablets.

Minnie - Immune problems
After surgery of the cervical spine I had immune problems, I was very tired and I was not well. Physicians have indicated unnecessarily CT scanning based on a poor diagnosis.

Peter, 64 years - borreliosis
In 2014 borreliosis was found in my blood, after being bitten by a tick and having the red lane around my belly.

Michal NejedlýMichael Nelson, 39 years - weakened immune system
For a few years I suffered a viral disease due to the weak immunity. The weak immune system manifested as elbow pain, often as shooting knee pain, or an unpleasant muscle twitch in the leg, etc.

Monica, 44 years - hair loss 
My name is Monica, I am 44 and I have fought alopecia since my childhood. It is a never-ending struggle with the hair loss including eyelashes, eyebrows and all body hair.

Helena Lorenz

Helena Lorenz - body regeneration
I started taking Penoxal to test it, for a month as recommended by my friend. I took two capsules daily to re-charge my body and to boost my immune system.

Tereza Svobodová

Tereza Svobodova - weakened immune system
My five-year-old son and I have both suffered from frequent colds especially in the autumn. I also suffer from allergies so any cold is difficult to control. I started using Penoxal regularly five months ago and I swear by it.


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