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Bronchitis is a disease of the lower respiratory tract. Bronchitis spreading to lungs may be chronic or acute depending on its cause. It is a fairly common inflammatory disease, especially in smokers and people with a weak immune system.

Risk factors

A polluted environment and tobacco smoke are the most frequent risk factors of bronchitis. However, it may be induced by colds and coughs, when viruses and bacteria multiply and lung secretions accumulate and get infected. Older people, those suffering from heart disease, and people with asthma are more at risk.

Signs and symptoms

Bronchitis is characterised by a persistent cough, particularly in the morning, and moderate fits of coughing. A dry cough is accompanied with other flu-like symptoms such as a sore throat. The body temperature usually rises, yellow or green sputum is expectorated, and the body becomes weak. In chronic bronchitis the flu-like symptoms recur even for several consecutive months a year. Symptoms of bronchitis may be confused with the typical smoker’s cough, but its progression may result in pneumonia.

Preventing bronchitis

Preventing bronchitis is almost impossible, unless you smoke. Everybody thrives from adequate outdoor exercise in the fresh air, even though we cannot avoid the environmental pollution. The absence of tobacco smoke, even passive, is always preventative, as the evidence shows that smoking greatly compromises the immune system and causes many diseases. The ultimate prevention is however a strengthening of the immune system which destroys the unwanted viruses and bacteria. 


When bronchitis develops, it is necessary to rest allowing the body to regenerate, and to enhance the immunity using natural sources such as vitamins from diet or natural food supplements. Even though doctors prescribe medications for bronchitis to reduce fever and to promote expectoration of mucus, there are herbs that may also help. By promoting the immune system, supplying the body with fluids, herbal teas and inhalations, the cause of bronchitis can be effectively removed and bronchi in the lungs cured.

Impact of the immune system on bronchitis

The immune system is a defence mechanism responsible for a removal of parasites from the body and for its regeneration. If this function fails or weakens, the disease sneaks in to the most vulnerable area. For smokers or people with asthma and chronic cough due to environmental pollution, the vulnerable areas are bronchi in the lungs that are susceptible to infection. If some risk factors cannot be limited, the immune system must be protected and reinforced by appropriate natural food supplements.  

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