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The company Penoxal Trade Inc. was founded in 2016 as a subsidiary of a foreign investment holding company based in Dubai. The company continues the history of research on active substance BIOCOL, a product of the metabolism of specific micro-organism, which dates back to the year 1972.

During 2016, we conducted lengthy negotiations and vetting ideas on the use of active substances in plant, which resulted in the founding of the company Penoxal Trade inc. After taking over the project, we followed the longstanding activities of individuals and companies involved in the project.

Production of the active substance and supplements production itself is performed according to the highest standards of quality HACCP certified (Good Manufacturing Practice), which takes place at the input and output control of raw materials. On the final quality of our products, as well as their own production and storage are high demands.

We are constantly optimizing the biotechnological production of active substances BIOCOL at which the acquisition collaborate with microbiologists and specialists in biotechnological production. For best results, our products are commonplace continuous research into the effects on which we cooperate with many experts in the field of oncology, gynecology and gastroenterology.

Our primary goals are:

  • To support a healthy lifestyle and ensure prevention using natural resources and to complement the standard treatment of ailments
  • To collaborate with practitioners on a healthy lifestyle promotion of their patients
  • To liaise with experts on further research and development
  • To establish a solid brand of our products
  • To expand our team and increase professional qualification
  • worldwide productmarketing with some help of suitable partners in individual countries

Shareholders' mission statement:

In 2016 we were approached to invest and participate in the manufacture project of this rather interesting product. After careful evaluation of the information provided we were inspired and persuaded by the product history as well as itsrelevant positive experience, particularly its inherent potential. The most important goal for us, the shareholders, is to combine our investment and experience with the unique natural products so that their potential may be reached in terms of both prevention and support of treatments for severe diseases.

Project’s principle idea:

A very important element in the treatment of many diseases is a well-functioning immune system, and its strength and resistance are affected by our lifestyle. Immune system is a vital component for the human body, which enables it to live in a non-sterile environment, to fight microorganisms, and to defend itself from potential diseases. However, today’s rapid pace of life, excessive stress, unhealthy diet, a lack of exercise and the environmental pollution all make our immune system weak. A weak body is more susceptible to many diseases. Each disease presents a great burden for the body. Unfortunately, nowadays we try to solve many diseases by chemical means, in a form of medications, and we rely on them to be healthy. Moreover, doctors are pressed for time and almost always fail to find the root of problems; they recommend medications that at best resolve the symptoms. A cause may be the weak immune system or prolonged inflammation, remaining viruses, parasites, heavy metals, fungi, etc. Then diseases and trouble return in various forms, sometimes they even develop into chronic conditions.  

It is thus important to consider a change in our approach to lifestyle and to boost immunity – by a healthy diet, adequate fluid intake, regular and sufficient exercise, and if required by high quality natural food supplements. Detoxification methods are suitable too; they remove toxic heavy metals, fungi and other undesirable and harmful substances from the body. It is safer and more convenient to prevent diseases and to care for the immune system. We live in a highly polluted environment which affects us, and the food despite the best choice often fails to contain all the essentials we need.